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Automotive articles — Soundproofing — за 2019 year

Noise Isolation — Selection Wizard

Get rid of the squeaks in the car with noise insulation


Why does an unpleasant, annoying creak appear in the passenger compartment of a car? What materials and methods can be used to eliminate extraneous sounds. The main methods of prevention of squeak in the car. all…


What is the best sound insulation to choose – accent or splen?


Choosing materials for sound insulation correctly. What is the difference between insulation splen from accent? The best sound-absorbing materials for the car – choose noise insulation on the car door. Ways to install and use the material to absorb sound in cars. all…


Soundproofing and corrosive processes in the car


Can there be rust due to the installation of noise insulation? How noise insulation works, especially the effects of insulation from noise and vibrations on the metal surface. How poor installation of noise insulation materials affects the successful formation of corrosion. How to install vibration isolation on a rusty coating? High-quality soundproofing – a pledge of excellent sound absorption and protect cars from corrosion. all…

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