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Get rid of the squeaks in the car with noise insulation

Squeaks in car cabin can occur in different machines under the influence of many factors. This unpleasant sound often annoys the driver, makes you nervous, and leads you out of patience. Therefore, it is not necessary to put up with him, there are effective methods to eliminate this problem. Let's look at the most basic causes of this phenomenon and the various options for dealing with him.

Get rid of the squeaks in the car with noise insulation


Most of the creaking in the cabin appears in the winter. This is because at low temperature, plastic elements, which are quite a lot in the cabin of any vehicle, freeze and become more rigid. As a result, gaps and cracks are formed in the joints, and a creak and even a clank may appear during the ride.

However, the creak can be observed not only in winter. Extraneous sound can appear at any time of the year, where the parts fit loosely, the fastenings are loose, etc.

Among the most common reasons for the appearance of strange sounds are:

  • very active vehicle operation;
  • use of low-grade interior materials;
  • improper care of the vehicle;
  • low-quality repairs, etc.

There are four common areas where squeaks can occur. Let's look at them, and also tell you about the method of eliminating extraneous sounds.

Dashboard and torpedo

Most of the creaking inside the car is observed on the dashboard. Since the dashboards are usually made of two or three plastic parts, this is what contributes to the appearance of extraneous sounds.

Solutions: the panel should be disassembled and all parts of it should be glued from the inside with a special sound-absorbing material “Modelin”. This will help reduce the likelihood of vibrations in the future. Then the panel should be assembled, gluing all the seams with additional material Bitoplast to reduce the mobility of the structure and prevent the occurrence of any squeaks. These simple manipulations will help get rid of the annoying sound and make the ride in the car comfortable again.

Get rid of the squeaks in the car with noise insulation


Sometimes during the ride there is not just a slight creak, but also an iron gnash. As a rule, a similar noise appears under the door trim. To eliminate it, you need to take some measures.

Remedy: first of all, tighten the bolts of the lock and the window regulator fastening tightly. Note should use additional noise insulation, for example, stick a vibroplast.

The cause of the squeak when driving can be backlash doors. Identify the problem can be quite simple. Slightly open the door, grasp the bottom of the door and lift it up. If you get specific clicks this is the first sign of wear on the hinges.

Remedy: the loops should be carefully lubricated so that you can eliminate the sound and make it as inconspicuous as possible. However, this method cannot remove the main cause, but only slightly minimize the consequences. However, to completely eliminate squeaks, it is recommended to completely replace the hinges in the doors.

If the machine is already in use for a long time, then you can hear rubber squeaks. In this case, the main source of noise may be velvet seals located on top of the door. Checking the source is easy click along the top of the frame on the closed door. If there is a characteristic creak, then the source of the unpleasant sound is here.

Remedy: the first thing to do is to remove dirt from the seal; to do this, wipe its surface thoroughly, without missing the places where the seals adhere. After removing the dirt, remove the silicone that many drivers apply in winter. This can be done with a regular window cleaner.

Please note that it is recommended to wipe this seal in several stages. Also, do not forget that it is also located between the doors.

Get rid of the squeaks in the car with noise insulation


Many drivers notice that over time, head restraints or seat anchorages may begin to creak. Here the reason is most often in their wear.

Solutions: headrest squeak can be removed in two ways. First: remove the head restraints or reduce friction by winding insulating tape at the junction points. If the fasteners creak, then check the reliability of its fixation, sometimes it is enough just to tighten loose bolts. If this does not help, then you need to unscrew the car seat. Then, lifting the front part, it is necessary to lubricate the holes in the floor and the mounting pins directly with WD, after which the chair can be installed back into place.


In the trunk there are a lot of large parts with a lot of weight, which, during the operation of the vehicle, can start to squeak if the mounts are loosened and the parts are loosely attached to each other.

Solutions: when the trunk curtain squeaks, it’s best to just remove it. If this cannot be done, then in the places where the connection to the body paneling takes place, it should be smeared with silicone. If the loops creak, the connections must be carefully tightened, this will avoid backlash. When the creak has arisen because of the seal, the procedure should be similar to that of the door seals.

Prevention of squeaks

There are many methods of preventing the occurrence of car scratches, among them the main and most effective are the following:

  • On the eve of winter, it is recommended that all plastic parts be treated with a special silicone spray. It is best to choose the tool in a special cartridge that has an extension cord. It will allow access to almost all hard-to-reach places.
  • An effective method is also an antiskripy. These are special sealing materials, most often made of foam rubber, which are very easy to attach due to the adhesive layer. Since there are polyesters in the composition, the material is strong and durable. With it, you can not only eliminate possible squeaks, but it is also often used in the integrated soundproofing of the car interior.
  • Rubber self-adhesive seals can also help prevent unpleasant sounds.
Get rid of the squeaks in the car with noise insulation

As you can see, there are many ways to prevent squeaking. The car owner must choose the most optimal option for themselves, which will suit him and his car. All of them demonstrate good results and allow minimizing the appearance of rattling, squeaking and other annoying sounds inside the car.

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