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What to look for when choosing a marine subwoofer for a boat?

If you want to enjoy high-quality music on a yacht or boat, then you should definitely get a special marine acoustics. Like car audio systems, marine sound equipment is very diverse and includes many components, including subwoofers, which are necessary to achieve a more powerful and deep sound. Of course, when buying audio equipment for a boat, it is important to take into account the particular acoustics of this type. How to choose a marine subwoofer and what to look for, we will describe in this article.

what to look for when choosing a marine subwoofer for the boat

Marine Acoustics Features

Before talking about subwoofers, let's look at why you need to take special equipment that is classified as "marine" in order to be installed on marine vessels. Everything is simple — on the boat, all external speakers and speakers are constantly affected by negative external factors: moisture, salt, sun. As a result, acoustics have to work in extreme conditions for a long time, therefore, it is not recommended to install a regular car. During operation at high humidity under the scorching sun, it quickly fails. It is better to pay a little more at once, but to buy reliable and durable acoustic equipment.

The main advantages of marine speakers are:

Moisture Protection

All marine electronics have a high degree of moisture protection. As we already said, the sea and the river — these are water spray, evaporation and high humidity. All this is detrimental to any electronics. Therefore, manufacturers have created a whole series of specialized acoustic equipment, which is carefully sealed. In marine devices, additional rubber seals are used, which do not allow moisture and sea salt to penetrate inside, even with direct contact with water. In addition, in the speakers of this type special diffusers are installed, which are made not as usual from softening paper, but from a special material that is resistant to moisture. All this minimizes the risk of corrosion and increases equipment life.

what to look for when choosing a marine subwoofer for the boat

Sunshade Protection

Direct sunlight has the same destructive effect on the sound systems of any marine vessel as water. That is why all marine speakers, subwoofers and radio tape recorders are made of more durable plastic that is not subject to destruction when exposed to ultraviolet rays. As a rule, all loudspeakers designed for installation on yachts and boats are offered by manufacturers in white. Marine acoustics must pass special tests for resistance to UV rays.

Increased Power

Marine acoustics can be divided into two large groups: internal and deck. If the first in its working parameters is closer to the classic car, then the deck is more powerful, because it needs to provide a loud and clear sound, which will not interfere with the sound of the engine or the sound of waves. With this in mind, it is worth noting that in marine audio systems, component acoustics are often established — it is precisely this that makes it possible to achieve a cleaner, more natural, powerful and high-quality sound.

what to look for when choosing a marine subwoofer for the boat

What is the role of the subwoofer in the crankcase or yacht speaker system?

Subwoofer — This is a speaker that provides sound reproduction at low frequencies from 20 Hz. Installing it will allow you to listen to music with good bass, the sound will become more saturated and powerful. That is why subwoofers are an integral part in the formation of the speaker system on marine vessels. Without this speaker it will be difficult to achieve a full-fledged powerful sound. For conventional speakers, usually the frequencies that the subwoofers provide are not achievable. This can lead to the fact that when playing in the range of up to 100 Hz, a “pit” of rash; simply forms. Therefore, if you want to achieve high-quality sound reproduction, you should take care of purchasing a marine subwoofer for your boat.

Please note that installing subwoofers on ships is recommended in the technological compartments, or places where you can create additional sealing or build a special box.vol.

What features of marine subwoofers need to pay attention to when buying?

Subwoofers for boats and yachts are specially designed for stable operation in an aggressive environment and high humidity. In order for him to perform his task qualitatively and serve for a long time, he must meet certain requirements. In particular, when choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to what components the speaker is made of.

  • If the suspension is made from santoprene or neoprene, then it increases its resistance to moisture, high temperatures and various aggressive substances.
  • Models with a titanium dome and swivel tweeter are reliable and durable.
  • Polypropylene diffusers are not afraid of water and work stably at high humidity.
  • The case of polymer composites is durable and reliable, this material is not afraid of the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.
what to look for when choosing a marine subwoofer for the boat

Before buying, be sure to check — Does the subwoofer of this model have rubber plugs to protect the connectors. They are necessary to ensure the sealing of contacts.

Most often, white speakers are installed on ships. It fits perfectly into the interior and is not so hot in the sun. It is recommended that the marine subwoofer has an additional protective coating that increases resistance to UV light. This is important, because such coverage will not allow the speakers to turn yellow, and they will look like new for a very long time.

If you decide to buy marine acoustics in Odessa, Kiev or Kharkov, the online store offers a large selection of waterproof speakers, subwoofers and radio tape recorders. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine.

TOP-3 marine acoustics

Best marine speakers

Looking for a quality and the best marine acoustics? This rating of marine acoustics is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Pioneer TS-MR1600 Universal Marine Speaker System

Pioneer TS-MR1600 Universal Marine Speaker System
  • ★ Coaxial Acoustics
  • ★ Heavy-duty construction that protects against water, corrosion and direct sunlight.
  • ★ Round basket with a size of 6 inches

Marine speakers Mystery MM 69

Marine speakers Mystery MM 69
  • ★ With a rated power of 100 watts
  • ★ Has a high sensitivity of 93 dB
  • ★ Coaxial type of acoustics

Marine Electronics Hertz HMX 8 Marine

Marine Electronics Hertz HMX 8 Marine
  • ★ 2-way coaxial speaker system
  • ★ Resistant to environmental influences
  • ★ The rated power level is 100 W, and the maximum declared performance is 200 W

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