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Valet Button — how it works and placement

description: What is the Valet service button and what is it for? How to correctly install it as discreetly as possible so that it is not noticeable to the naked eye and the attackers could not use it to steal a car. keywords: Valet button, Valet button, car alarm service button, alarm with Valet service button

Valet service button is an integral element of many modern car alarms. Using this button can significantly increase the reliability of the security complex and protect the car from theft. Let's take a closer look at what the Jack button is, what its purpose and functions are.

Valet button-the principle of operation and placement

Where is the Jack button in the car?

Many modern car alarms come with the Knave button this is a small device that has a button and connects to the on-board network of the machine using occasions. It allows you to turn off the alarm in an emergency without a key fob.

It is very important that the car owner can choose the location of the Valet button in the car on his own. It can be mounted both in sight and in inaccessible, secret places. Most often, the service button is set as unobtrusively as possible to complicate access to it for criminals when trying to steal a vehicle. During installation, the main thing is to provide the quick access to the button for the car owner.

Also, during installation, it is necessary to take into account the length of the wire leading to it. Sometimes a very noticeable color of a bright braid, for example, red, can give out the location of the service button, so you should worry about additional masking tools in advance.

How to enable and disable Valet mode

Valet mode this is one of the service modes of car alarms. Using this button you can quickly turn off all alarm functions. For example, it can be used when repairing a car in a car service.

Valet button-the principle of operation and placement

Activation methods

There are actually not a lot of methods for activating the mode just two, in particular, you can enable it in the following ways:

  1. Button option. In this case, you must sit in the driver's seat, start and shut off the engine. Then, after waiting about 10 seconds, you should turn on the Valet button, pushing it and holding it in this position for several seconds. As a rule, the alarm gives an appropriate sound signal, which confirms the inclusion, and the indicator light comes on.
  2. Activation by a standard car alarm remote control. In this case, you must first make sure that the security system is disabled and disarmed. Then the procedure is similar to paragraph 1, with the only difference being that you do not need to press the Valet button installed in the cabin, but the button on the car alarm key fob.

Please note. In various types of car alarms, in order to confirm the activation of the service mode, different symbols on the key fob screen can be used. And also, when you try to turn on the ignition, the system, when Valet is on, will give an appropriate signal to indicate that the alarm in the car is turned off.

It is also worth keeping in mind that when Valet is activated, not all security system functions are disabled. Usually the main emergency modes are not disabled. This primarily refers to the mode «Panic», when you need to activate the alarm in the car immediately.

Valet button-the principle of operation and placement

Methods for deactivating

The exit from the service mode for security systems of brands is basically the same. There are several stages of deactivation:

  • You have to drive a vehicle.
  • Start and shut off the engine.
  • After 10 seconds, press and hold the button for a few more seconds, then select the position «Off.».
  • When using the remote method, you need to hold down the buttons for opening the lock and speaker at the same time on the key fob for about 4 seconds.

If everything is done correctly, the car alarm will give an appropriate signal to disable the service mode it can be either a sound alert or a graphic indication on the key fob.

Where can I install the Valet button in the passenger compartment?

The car owner must think in advance about the placement of the Jack button, even before setting a car alarm. It is very important to choose not only a hidden place hidden from outsiders, but also place the button so that it is convenient to use. After all, if necessary, turn off the alarm quickly, without wasting time searching for the button and its activation. In fact, there are a lot of secluded places in the car. We offer you several options for placing the service button hidden from prying eyes:

  • in front of the passenger compartment between the center console and the dashboard;
  • niches located behind the glove compartment;
  • near the covers of the dashboard of the car interior on the side of the steering columns;
  • space behind the dashboard;
  • decorative door sills (in this case, access may be inconvenient, which makes such placement not a good option);
  • mounting to standard electrical wiring is also allowed;
  • into special slots in the carpet;
  • front driver's seat;
  • under end caps and others.
Valet button-the principle of operation and placement

When connecting, it is also important to consider the length of the wires in the kit. It is necessary to connect the Valet button necessarily at a limited distance. In this case, lengthening the wiring is not recommended, as this leads to an increase in resistance and decreases the power of the signal used to control all the working functions of the car alarm. It will be best if the car owner entrusts the installation of an alarm and the Valet button to car service specialists who can route and connect the system correctly so that it works without failures.

You can buy an alarm with Valet mode in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa in the automobile online store Our catalog contains a very wide range of various security systems with a large set of functionality.

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