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New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

Now many modern drivers simply cannot do without music during the trip, especially very long. However, it is not always possible to choose a great device for playing music – then there are not enough functions, or the sound is bad, of poor quality. Difficulties may arise with the installation in a regular place, and with the connection of external and additional devices – an amplifier, subwoofer, acoustics, or a simple smartphone.

New in 2019

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

To solve many problems, Kenwood media receivers and car stereos can play music with high sound quality and power. They are distinguished not only by increased functionality, but also by a simple, understandable interface, universal execution and high performance.

All the new models of this year’s model range are made in a regular 1DIN place, among them are models of car stereos and media receivers:

  • disk and diskless type;
  • with different types of highlights;
  • With or without Bluetooth function.

In addition, many options are equipped with a digital sound processing processor, as well as an equalizer with a different number of bands. They make the sound more dynamic, balanced and clear.

Kenwood receivers – key technologies and solutions for 2019

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

Kenwood disc recorders come with CD support, and are additionally equipped with a USB port for connecting a smartphone. The built-in amplifier and the presence of an equalizer allow you to completely change the sound of music in the cabin of your car.

Among the new products are the following models:

1. CD/USB receiver Kenwood KDC-130UB.

2. CD/USB car receiver Kenwood KDC-130UG.

3. CD/USB receiver Kenwood KDC-130UR.

4. Kenwood KDC-BT430U CD/USB receiver with Bluetooth.

5. Kenwood KDC-BT530U CD/USB receiver with Bluetooth.

Consider their functionality and design features in more detail.

Powerful and clear music playback – Kenwood KDC-130UB

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

New Kenwood KDC-130UB is one of the few devices that can play music more efficiently, with increased power. The radio has a 3-band equalizer, audio inputs and outputs, 1 RCA connector. Support for various formats of works, including Flac, allows you to listen to different music recording quality.

In addition, for greater ease of use, it is possible to use the KENWOOD Music Control application, it works with Android OS devices. The overall picture is complemented by the blue button illumination, it gives the stylishness and uniqueness to the arrangement of the cabin, in particular the car’s audio system.

New solutions at Kenwood KDC-130UG

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

Not less modern version is considered car receiver Kenwood KDC-130UG. It is equipped with a three-band equalizer, as well as an amplifier with a power of 4x50W. This model refers to disk devices, can play music of different formats, including Flac, from CDs, USB flash drives, smartphones.

Working with the application KENWOOD Music Control allows you to more conveniently use the radio, you can work with devices on the Android OS. You can also connect external devices to it to create a powerful audio system – there are RCA, various audio inputs and outputs. It has a beautiful, with a velvet shade, green backlight.

Stylish and colorful design at Kenwood KDC-130UR

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

Beautiful appearance and the availability of different functionalities make this model the best solution for cars. Car receiver Kenwood KDC-130UR has a red backlight, the brightness and contrast of performance emphasize the uniqueness of this device.

For better sound, a 3-band equalizer is provided here, and a 4x50W amplifier is equipped to enhance the sound. Made in the form of a disk device, reads CDs, plays music tracks of any format – from MP3 and WAV to FLAC. More opportunities are opened using the KENWOOD Music Control application, it works with Android OS devices. The presence of multiple outputs and connectors makes it easy to connect different gadgets, other external devices.

Kenwood Bluetooth Wireless Receivers – KDC-BT430U and KDC-BT530U

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

An interesting and functional model is considered car receiver Kenwood KDC-BT430U with Bluetooth.

1. Can play audio compressed with AAC codec – m4a and aac.

2. Plays music formats MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC.

3. Compatible with KENWOOD Music Control.

Additionally, this model is equipped with a 13-band equalizer, as well as a digital sound processor or DSP, it makes the sound more balanced and dynamic. It has different inputs for connecting external devices, including one RCA connector, a microphone is also equipped here.

Thanks to the Bluetooth option, the driver can talk in «hands free» mode, as well as connect a smartphone to listen to music. For use in the first case, you can connect up to two devices, in the second – up to five.

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

The second model – the Kenwood KDC-BT530U radio tape recorder has the same functionality as in the previous model, however, 2 RCA connectors are additionally equipped here, and a 4x50W amplifier is built in. The digital sound processor provides more opportunities, with its help the sound changes completely, it can be both more dynamic and less deep, balanced.

More possibilities with Kenwood media receivers

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

The new line of media receivers Kenwood conquered its variety of solutions and extensive functionality. Among the most popular models distinguish the following devices for installation in a regular place 1DIN:

  • Kenwood KMM-125 media receiver;
  • Kenwood KMM-105AY media receiver;
  • Kenwood KMM-BT305 media receiver with Bluetooth;
  • Kenwood KMM-105GY media receiver;
  • Kenwood KMM-BT205 media receiver with Bluetooth;
  • Kenwood KMM-105RY media receiver.

The amount of functionality of each device is different and, accordingly, their cost also varies. Consider each option, its features, in more detail.

Power and variety of features – Kenwood KMM-125

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

This receiver belongs to diskless models, has a shortened case, it provides more convenience when installed in the car. Provides the best sound of music, even if you use regular speakers. The Kenwood KMM-125 Media Receiver can play audio files of various formats, and thanks to the built-in 3-band EQ and 4x50W amplifier, the sound comes out clearer and deeper.

It has different inputs and outputs, it also provides 2 linear RCA connectors. More convenience is provided using the special KENWOOD Music Control app, compatible with Android OS devices.

The best solution – Kenwood KMM-105AY receiver

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

This new product has many useful features, among them distinguish the ability to play audio files of different formats, from MP3 to FLAC. Separately stand out built-in amplifier and equalizer 3-band type.

More convenience in the Kenwood KMM-105AY Media Receiver provides support for the KENWOOD Music Control application, making it easier and faster to control music functions. In addition, there are several inputs and connectors, there is one linear RCA output for connecting external devices. Stylish and unique design provides amber lighting.

Wireless solutions with Kenwood KMM-BT305

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

This Kenwood KMM-BT305 media receiver is made with the Bluetooth function, has more various options for the most convenient use when traveling.

1. Supports all possible audio formats – from MP3 to FLAC.

2. Supports Spotify and iTunes Radio services.

3. It has a built-in sound processor.

4. Equipped with a 13-band equalizer.

5. Supports iPod/iPhone interfaces, works with Android devices.

6. Built-in 2- and 3-way crossover.

You can also connect external devices to the radio to create a powerful audio system or smartphone. For greater convenience, there are 3 pairs of linear RCA outputs.

The Bluetooth function allows you to quickly connect your smartphone for listening to music or for talking, using the «hands free» mode. Thanks to the implementation in the form of a diskless device, the media receiver has a shortened body, which makes its installation simple and fast.

Beautiful and Unique Execution – Kenwood KMM-105GY

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

Beautiful sound of music provides media receiver Kenwood KMM-105GY. With rich equipment, great sound comes out with a greater saturation of tones when listening. Such an implementation is possible thanks to the built-in amplifier and 3-band equalizer.

The presence of several outputs for connecting external devices makes it possible to create a unique and powerful audio system in the car. More convenience when using is also provided by the ability to listen to files of different formats – MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC and others.

The style of the classics is a shortened case due to the lack of a device for disks, as well as the presence of green button illumination. Execution in black color with a beautiful matte finish gives this model more individuality of an interesting design.

Top Wireless Solutions with Kenwood KMM-BT205

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

Using this device, the driver will be able to fully appreciate all the advantages of Kenwood brand car media receivers. It combines all sorts of functions that make use of the device more convenient and comfortable. These include:

  • availability of time delay function;
  • 13-band equalizer;
  • 2 and 3-way crossover;
  • equipping with a digital sound processor;
  • the ability to manage device settings using the KENWOOD Remote App;
  • supports Spotify and iTunes Radio;
  • can work with iPod/iPhone interfaces, works with Android devices.

A variety of solutions allows you to get all the advantages when listening to music with Kenwood KMM-BT205 media receiver – more quality, a simple transition from one option to another. In addition, it provides for the use of the Bluetooth function for making calls in the «hands free» mode, as well as fast and smooth connection of the smartphone.

Beauty and Superiority – Kenwood KMM-105RY Media Receiver

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

More features provide a novelty with a red button illumination – Kenwood KMM-105RY. It has a three-band parametric equalizer, additionally built-in amplifier 4x50 watts. Equipping with such functions makes the sound better, even using ordinary regular speakers. It can play music of different formats, including modern FLAC-files.

Additionally, there are equipped outputs and inputs for connecting external devices – subwoofer, acoustics, sound amplifier, if necessary. More convenience when installing provides the presence of a shortened case, since this receiver belongs to diskless models.

Which device is still worth choosing?

New line of recorders Kenwood 2019

Among the variety of options presented, you can choose the best option, based on the personal preferences of the driver.

1. If you need a device with the ability to connect your smartphone wirelessly, you can choose one of the receivers or receivers that are equipped with this option – Kenwood KDC-BT430U and Kenwood KDC-BT530U or Kenwood KMM-BT205 and Kenwood KMM-BT305.

2. For lovers of more powerful and sensitive sound, models with DSP and 13-band equalizer are better suited. They will be Kenwood KDC-BT430U and Kenwood KDC-BT530U or Kenwood KMM-BT205 and Kenwood KMM-BT305.

3. iPod/iPhone owners can choose from options that support this option – Kenwood KMM-BT205 or Kenwood KMM-BT305.

Other, simpler models also have excellent characteristics, can play files of different formats, turning normal sound into excellent reproduction of low and deep tones with an incredible combination of mid and high frequencies.

You can choose the best option on our website, among the many solutions, everyone will be able to choose the radio tape recorder that will turn the trip into an amazing journey with beautiful and high-quality sound of your favorite tracks. You can buy Kenwood media receivers in Odessa, Kharkov and Kiev on with delivery in Ukraine.

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