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How to choose the right car brush for snow

Brushes for cleaning snow and ice from a car-a simple accessory that drivers usually do not remove for a long time. We bought the first one, threw it in the trunk and forgot. But this is only until the first snow, then you have to get the brush and use it for its intended purpose. And then it may turn out that it is uncomfortable, does poorly with its task, quickly broke down, etc. How to choose a brush and a scraper so that they are durable and effective. Let's look at their features and some important principles that will help you make the right choice.

How to choose a brush for removing snow from the car

Types of tools for removing snow from the car

Snow brush

This is the easiest option, which is a regular brush that allows you to sweep the snow from the body of the vehicle. As a rule, brushes do not take up much space, you can always carry them with you in the trunk. Working with such brushes is extremely simple, they allow you to remove even a fairly thick layer of snow. The brush may have a short or long handle. As a rule, brushes differ in size, design and some other parameters. But all of them are designed so that snow can be swept away, but it will be difficult to remove glaciers with their help.

How to choose a brush to remove snow from the car

Plastic scraper

The scraper will be a great addition to the brush from the snow, and will help to cope with the cleaning of ice crusts. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the stores offer a huge number of different scrapers, they differ not only in shape and design, but also in the material of manufacture. It is important to find a model with the right blade size and a comfortable handle. There are options equipped with an additional special water dropper. This function is very useful if, before cleaning the hood, interior heating is turned on and the ice begins to melt during removal. For scrapers, a special sign has a quality blade. In order to be able to effectively clean the glass from ice, the blade must be sharp and even. It should not have recesses or excess plastic, which, with poor casting, may remain at the edges of the product.

How to choose a brush for removing snow from the car

Snow brush with scraper

This is a combination option that combines a classic brush and a plastic scraper. Please note that the scraper can be placed in front or behind the brush at the end of the handle. The scraper brush is a universal device and is suitable both for removing snow and for cleaning ice. This is one of the most popular varieties of winter cleaning products among our drivers. The most convenient are considered scraper brushes having a collapsible design, when the scraper can be easily detached, then used separately from the brush. This increases the convenience of operation, since when cleaning ice it will be possible to more accurately calculate the pressure force. In such models, both a static brush head and a swivel head can be used. The second option is more functional, as it allows you to get even to hard-to-reach places, this is to improve the quality of snow removal from the hood.

How to choose a brush for removing snow from the car

Scraper with a mitten

For those who are uncomfortable holding the scraper in gloves, but their hands freeze completely without them, a very original device was specially invented-a mitt-scraper. In such models, a standard plastic scraper was connected to a special fabric pocket in which the handle was placed. This makeshift mitten protects well from the cold and the ingress of snow. Very comfortable and practical. However, when using it, problems may arise with cleaning the roof, as the handlequite short, and if you are short, it will not be easy to reach.

How to choose a brush to remove snow from the car

How to choose a convenient and high-quality brush for cleaning snow from a car

If you decide to buy a brush or scraper for snow, then always in the first place it should be of high quality, convenient and durable. And it depends on several key parameters:


Most often, such devices are made of inexpensive plastic, which is not durable, it can even crack in the cold. Therefore, when buying, be sure to look at the material. The main requirement for plastic is hardness and frost resistance. The most practical are brushes and scrapers, the base of which is made of polycarbonate. They tolerate low temperatures well, are not afraid of ultraviolet radiation and serve for a long time.


Many drivers are interested in whether the brush should have a pile-soft or hard? The stiff bristles are better at removing snow; even a dense layer can brush away without problems. But if the bristles are soft, then it will be difficult to cope with a lot of snow. Motorists are often worried that a stiff brush may scratch the paint, but this is unlikely to happen. If you are very afraid of the surface of the body, then it is worth considering a brush with the so-called split pile. Such brushes on the tips have done something similar to brushes. Similar models with fluffy bristles will definitely not leave scratches. However, they must be well looked after. Since the smallest particles of dirt can get stuck between split fibers after cleaning, it is important to constantly monitor this and keep the bristles clean. As for the width of the pile, it is better to take brushes with a wide working surface. With their help it will be easier and faster to cope if there is a lot of snow poured and you need to remove a lot of snow from the hood. However, such a brush is not very effective when cleaning in corners and other hard-to-reach areas.

Comfortable grip

When choosing, be sure to hold the brush in your hand. The handle should be comfortable and fit well in the palm of your hand. Besides. Look at the cover. The best brush is considered to have a handle with a special porous coating. This material resembles foam rubber. Such a handle will definitely not slide in your hands, and it will be convenient to use in the cold even without gloves.

How to choose a brush for removing snow from the car

Telescope Handle

A telescopic handle is a very convenient addition to brushes. It is designed to facilitate snow removal of vehicle roofs. The most relevant such devices for owners of large cars, for example, SUVs or minivans. Thanks to such a handle, you can easily reach any part of the roof and not jump at the same time. Here, when choosing, it is also very important to look at the quality of plastic and the reliability of the retractable structure. When extended, stiffness is lost to a certain extent. If the pen is still made of poor material, which in the cold can crack or bend, then it will not bring much benefit, only disappointment. Also, be sure to check the operation of the rotary mechanism, it should move smoothly, without jerking and jamming.

Than you can never remove snow and ice from the hood of a car

Often drivers, even despite the rather modest cost of special brushes and scrapers, neglect them using a variety of improvised means. However, this can cause serious harm. Remember that to remove ice is not recommended to use:

Wiper blades. Believe me, they will not be of much use, since they are not intended for these purposes, and after such a "cleaning" get ready for the fact that you will have to buy new wipers. Ice and snow will render them unusable very quickly.

Halves of the CD. This could result in scratches on the surface of the body or windshield. Boxes from the disks will not work either, since they are made of fragile plastic, which starts to crumble in the cold, and do not achieve the effect, and again, most likely, you will scratch the paint with uneven edges.

Metal scrapers. Here the reason is the same-there is a high risk of damaging the paint, since the metal is very hard and sharp, then the scratches can turn out to be quite deep, such then it will be impossible to eliminate it with a simple polish.

Prepare for winter in advance, so if you do not want to face the problem of removing it from the back of your car after the first snow, then it's time to take care of acquiring all the necessary equipment. In the online store you can buy brushes and scrapers for snow and ice at the best prices.

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