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How to properly care for the child car seat

Buying a car seat — a very important and responsible step. Therefore, parents pay a lot of time choosing the optimal model, while they look at the quality of materials, comfort, protection, study the data of crash tests, reviews and more. But even the most expensive and high-quality chair will not have long to please, if you do not care for it properly.

How To Treat for the child car seat

What should be the care of the child car seat?

As with any other object, which is used regularly, children's car seats need to be cleaned regularly. And this should be done, even if, at first glance, the chair seems clear, and not only when a child is something spilling. During use of a cover on the surface will settle dust and dirt particles sweat, saliva etc. child. These invisible to the eye, can cause contamination to the active growth of bacteria, which in turn could adversely affect the child.

And, of course, require a mandatory cleaning severe contamination: stains from various foods, spilled beverages, dirt from shoes and much more. Even very neat kids, from time to time to put the unpleasant spot, which require washing.

Experts recommend spending hygienic cleaning of car seats on a regular basis, at least once a month. But modern parents, this requirement is rarely taken into account, and almost do not observe this rule is some prefer to simply ignore existing contamination, even specially selected darkest, not Mark Color on which dirt can hardly see. Other parents take cleaning only if the stain in sight, locally erasing dirt without removing it completely. Someone puts on then wash. And only a few makes out a chair and completely erase the cover, and regularly, not as necessary.

How To Treat for the child car seat

What to look for when buying a chair, so you do not have problems with the care

If you want to simplify your task of care before you buy be sure to ask the seller, whether a given removable seat cover. If it is not removed, then wash the upholstery will be very difficult. Many models are dealt with almost down to the substructure, it is very convenient. Even if you do not know how to disassemble the seat, there is always a detailed manual, which is painted on the steps how to remove the cover and disassemble the chair.

Also, it is equally important to consider the information and recommendations on the garment label, except that the instructions usually also duplicated on a special label. Here the information is usually indicated in the form of special characters and symbols. In particular: it can beat marks: «do not wash», «only hand wash», «dry cleaning» (that is, the material can be taken to the dry cleaners).

Another important point, some models have an additional set of protective covers, or if they do not, can be purchased separately. This is a very useful accessory that is designed to protect the child seat surface from contamination. These covers are very easy to remove and can be washed in a washing machine. Best of all, that such additional cover was made from natural materials. There are both summer cotton models that protect against sweat, and therefore irritation on baby's skin, and winter insulated options.

Also note that the practice has shown that the seat is often spoiled when carrying it from the car to the apartment and back. To prevent this from happening, and often had to clean the car seat, it is possible to close the film, package or special conveying cover. Just as it is necessary to do if you are going for a long time to keep the seat in the garage or closet, it is better to cover or roll up in foil, then you will not have to clean off the dust for a long time.

How To Treat for the child car seat

How to properly clean the car seat?

As we have said, to take care of children's car seats must be strictly according to the instructions. If the article suggests the possibility of manual or machine washing, then carry out all the procedures can be easily at home. The procedure is something like this:

  • Remove any extra removable elements of the design:. Sack, blanket, plates, etc. They are washed separately.
  • To remove dust, debris and crumbs, you can use a vacuum cleaner, it will simplify and speed up the work.
  • Choose a gentle cleanser, it is best to use neutral formulations are recommended for washing children's clothes and linen.
  • If the padding is not removed, then after you have thoroughly vacuumed all seat folds and irregularities, the surface should be wiped with special cloth or sponge dipped in detergent. Then the fabric is very necessary to rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove soap residues completely from the surface. After completion of the chair it is necessary to thoroughly dry the procedure.
  • If the upholstery is removable, then it should be removed and washed in a washing machine. Wear ago, it should be only after the complete drying of the material.
How To Treat for the child car seat

Tips for exploitation of child car seats

To process the use of motor chairs you have not had additional problems, listen to these simple tips, they will help to significantly ease your life and get rid of unnecessary spending, and the chair will long remain clean and delight you and your baby

  • When installing, check secure location. Here it is necessary to act strictly according to instructions, to change the order of actions in the scheme can not be. You run the risk that the fixation is weak or chair at all will not be secured. Check the tightness of the internal straps, they do not have to push, but do not hang out or twist.
  • Any stains should be immediately overwrite. If a cover or upholstery car seat suddenly there was a spot, it is better than quickly as possible to jam. You can take an ordinary sponge and soapy water. If you are on the go and at your fingertips no detergents not, you can just use a damp cloth and carefully wipe the stain. Do not leave the spot just like that, when it dries it will be very difficult to get rid of it.
  • Always clean seatbelt. It is recommended to do regularly with a special cloth dipped in warm water. The cleaner must be gentle, the composition should not cause damage to the webbing. Also, when installing the seat, sees that the belts do not come into contact with sharp interior elements and rubbed on the elements of the child seat body. Also make sure that the belt is not clamped when closing the door.
  • Do not abuse the chemistry and cleaners. it is recommended to use a simple soap and water solution for cleaning plastic element's child car seat construction. Use aggressive chemistry is not necessary, it can be harmful for young passengers.
  • Only Wash cover in cold water. As a general rule, the manufacturer specifies the recommended temperature for washing upholstery. Usually, it is 30 degrees, and this figure should not exceed. It is best to wash your hands bag, so it will be less prone to mechanical wear. But you can use a washing machine and hand wash mode, set spinning at minimum capacity. The detergent must be soft, use a bleach is strictly prohibited. It is only necessary to dry naturally.
How To Treat for the child car seat

We hope this article has been helpful to you, and now you know how to wash the car seat and how to care for it properly. If you still choose a model for your child, then  can buy a car seat in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkiv, the online store for all age with delivery in Ukraine.

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