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How to set up and configure the audio amplifier in the car

Sound Amplifier   It is one of   basic elements to be used in the formation of the car radio. However, not every car owner knows how to connect it and configure everything to work stably and smoothly. Let's look at this issue in more detail.

How to set up and configure stereo amplifier in the car

Types of car amplifiers

  • Bar   - the easiest option, it avtousilitel with   1 channel, where you can connect a subwoofer
  • .
  • Dual - in this case involves connecting the 2 front or   2 rear speakers. Also suitable for connecting a subwoofer. 4 speakers to devices rarely connect.
  • A four - to him you can connect simultaneously 2 front and 2 rear speakers. It is also possible variant: 2 speakers connected to channels 2 and   2   other channel connected to the axle and a subwoofer connected thereto
  • .
  • five-channel - in such amplifiers 4 channels is used for the speaker, and   is connected via a fifth sub
  • .
How to set up and configure stereo amplifier in the car

Features connect the car amplifier

Each stereo amplifier has a plurality of connectors, which can be divided into two large groups according to their destination:  

The connections for the power supply

  • Three contact labeled + 12V - through their food comes from   the positive terminal of the car battery. When connected it is important to bear in mind that the power supply cable must be fairly thick, thin will not work.
  • GND (ground) - is used for connection to a vehicle mass, here it is important that the wire cross section does not have   less feed and   was quite short
  • .
  • REM - This connector amplifier is connected to the head unit (the car stereo) via the control line. Interconnect wire should have a thin third wiring, and it should be used as a control. It allows you to make sound amplifier turned on and   turned off synchronous with   the head unit
  • .
How to set up and configure stereo amplifier in the car

The outputs for connecting speakers

connectors for connecting wires from   speaker. Here we have to watch closely to contacts « + » and « - » were connected, respectively, to be the contacts on the speakers as   « + » and « - »


If you want to connect the subwoofer to the   two channel amplifier bridge, then take the wire   connect the subwoofer to the   « + » terminal on one channel and to « - » terminal on another channel. After which the free terminals of the amplifier are connected with a short wire to each other (this is not true for all models of amplifiers before connecting recommend that you read the instructions).

Also amplifiers usually have several line inputs (lineinput) and output (output) type RCA, which are usually called « tulip &raquo ;. They allow you to connect the amplifier to the   line outputs radio using interconnect cable

How to set up and configure stereo amplifier in the car

What is required to connect the amplifier?

Before you begin the work, it is necessary to prepare. To connect the amplifier you definitely need:

  • The feeding wire - two segments, one long and   a small one to connect to the   weight;
  • interconnect cable;
  • The wires for the speakers;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Cutters;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Knife;
  • For some amp models may also need a set of hexagons.

The procedure for mounting the amplifier in the car

  • Choose a location with regard to it provides good ventilation.
  • Fix the housing unit with screws or bolts.
  • Next to the battery secure the fuse.
  • All necessary wires gently pull to   an amplifier and   plug in   them. Here it is necessary to take into account one thing: power cables are laid out on   the speakers and   interconnect wires, in order to minimize possible interference
  • .
  • Check for short circuits in the system, and can supply power.
How to set up and configure stereo amplifier in the car

Settings Specific audio amplifier

There are several types of regulators:

  • High Pass Filter. HighFrequency or HPF. It allows you to clip the lower boundary frequency response. The most commonly used when connecting midranges and tweeters.
  • Low-pass filter. LowFrequency or LPF. Allows you to clip the upper limit of reproducible frequency of the subwoofer.
  • Crossover or x-over - it allows you to quickly switch between the low-pass filter, and   the treble. There he and a third position, which disables all filters - « Full » or « Flat ».
  • The level of sensitivity. This control typically has the designation « level » or « Gain ».

During the setup should perform these actions:

  • Put on   a minimum sensitivity level (turn the knob to the   fully counterclockwise)
  • .
  • Turn on the radio at maximum volume and then slowly turn the sensitivity regulator to   the emergence of tangible sound interference. Then return back a little, the sound is clear. That is, it is necessary to find the limit value, before moving to the interference.
  • Reduce the volume to   head unit to   optimum level
  • .
How to set up and configure stereo amplifier in the car

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TOP-3 amplifiers

Best car amplifiers

Looking for a quality and the best car amplifiers? This rating of car amplifiers is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Amplifier four-channel Kicx AP 4.120AB

Amplifier four-channel Kicx AP 4.120AB
  • ★ Amplifier class AB
  • ★ Operates with a resistance of — 1 ohm
  • ★ With high power

Sound amplifier for cars Focal Auditor AP-4340 4-channel

Sound amplifier for cars Focal Auditor AP-4340 4-channel
  • ★ Frequency range from 10 to 30 000 Hz
  • ★ Protection from short-circuiting, overheating
  • ★ Used in 4, 3, 2 channel modes

Car sound amplifier SWAT M-1.1000

Car sound amplifier SWAT M-1.1000
  • ★ single-channel
  • ★ channel power - 650 W
  • ★ amplifier class D

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