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How to adjust the car's headlights, if they do not shine?

Night driving is always dangerous day, as we see in the dark is quite limited. And if there are any problems with headlights, the driver starts to get nervous. However, not all such problems to solve and need to radically change the lamp immediately. Possible to manage and simpler solutions, the main time to identify the cause, sometimes light enough to handle properly.

How to adjust the car's headlights, if they do not shine?

How to adjust the car's headlights?

Often the poor illumination of the road is connected with the fact that the lights are not regulated. As a result, they shine Hood anywhere in the sky, to the side, on a small area directly in front of the car, but not on the road. The solution is simple — adjust the headlamp in the vertical and horizontal plane.

Check status lights

Check whether the headlights are adjusted correctly, you can own. To do this in the dark to put the car on a flat surface 5 meters from any walls. If the vehicle is not loaded, the height adjustment range will normally be in position «0». With a tape measure is necessary to measure the distance from the ground to the middle of the car headlights.

Then, turn on a low beam, the wall will be 2 typical «tick». Measure the distance from the top of the horizontal sections to the middle of the lights. This boundary should be 5 cm below the middle of the lights. If the naked eye can see that a lamp shining above or below a second, or two very misaligned, adjust the optimum status.

How to adjust the car's headlights, if they do not shine?

There is another fairly easy way to check the setting of lights that can be used, if at night you feel that the lights shine properly and in the right direction.

To do this, put the car on a level surface, and came very close to the bumper. Note on itself, such as trousers place where the line of light. Then depart from the car about 5 meters and check. what is now the border of light the light beam line should fall by about the same 5 cm This should be done at each headlamp in turn.

adjusting the position of headlights

As a rule, any car has free access to the adjustment screws. To work you will definitely require a screwdriver or special keys on this in more detail can be found in the instructions, since different cars the process may be slightly different.

The first thing you should set the right headlight range adjustment. If you have seen a strong misalignment, then try to determine what could have caused it. This can occur when replacing the lamp because of the misses in the existing mounting elements, on impact bumper on a small obstacle when there is no external visible damage, however, the adjustment of the headlights got lost. If there is a very strong misalignment, it is advisable to take the help of experts at the service station.

The scheme of adjustment of headlights: looks like this:

How to adjust the car's headlights, if they do not shine?

What other reasons can lead to the fact that the lights look bad?

Further adjustment failure when lights shining and not properly illuminate the desired portion of the road, sometimes the lighting problems are quite different reasons. And most of these problems can be eliminated quickly and easily.

Dirty headlights

The car light was bright and well-lit path, it is important to keep the glass clean headlights. In fact, very often the driver no time to remove from the surface of the crusty layer of dust. the case can also be in addition to the dust in small cracks and scratches, which over time can also cause clouding of glass.

So how do you fix this kind of problem? If only the whole thing in the mud, it is all just — enough to thoroughly wash lights. If the lamp has lost tightness, it can also become contaminated from the inside. For dust removal in this case it is necessary to dismantle the headlamp. Once you determine the cause of dust inside, it is necessary to decide whether it will be enough to carry out work on the construction of the sealing or headlight should be changed. When the cause is lost in the cap, it can be replaced and install in its place a new one. If found a serious rift in the body, you have to buy a new spotlight on.

To clean the headlights it is necessary to pour clean water with a special detergent. Be sure to remove it from the headlight bulb! Flush it is necessary to carefully, it may take some time. For the final wash is recommended to use distilled water. Then it is necessary to thoroughly dry the spotlight and in place prior to installation to verify that all the necessary caps and filters for drainage holes.

How to adjust the car's headlights, if they do not shine?

If the surface has cracks, glass dimmed and turned yellow, then there will need polishing. You can use one of two basic ways of polishing a car headlight:

  • mechanical — in this case the surface is polished using fine-grained sandpaper grit sheets gradually decreases. You can use special polishing machines with special grinding wheels of abrasive materials. For best effect, you can take advantage of special polishing compounds. This all can be done in the service station, and independently.
  • chemical — the basis of this method is the surface treatment lights special solvents, brought to a vaporous form. Most often, this method is used in car repair, it allows you to restore the lights very quickly, but is quite expensive. However, this method can cope not with all the damage, deep scratches it can not afford to remove.

After polishing the surface of lights is recommended to apply a special protective layer may be a lacquer or water glass. This way you can protect the surface from future damage and prolong its service life.

Problems with power

If the vehicle is old, the wiring can lose power at various terminals. And instead required for optimal performance network 14,2 — 14,4 B block included in the lamp voltage drops to 11 or even lower. For the majority of lamp manufacturers specify minimum operating voltage at about 13.5.

Completely change the wiring in the old car — not the best solution. This is a complex procedure that requires knowledge, time and, of course, money. In this case, you can simply power the lamp directly from the battery using an optional switch.

Wiring of additional relay is as follows:

How to adjust the car's headlights, if they do not shine?

When it's time to change the car lights?

Every driver knows that the new lamps will always shine better than the old. For example, conventional halogen lamps They have a service life of approximately 500 hours. they lose brightness and shine much weaker than the end of life. This is due to the fact that the bulb begins to darken, absorbing the light output. Therefore, the lamp is recommended to change the time, then the problems with the lighting you will not.

Please note that the lamp only changed in pairs. Otherwise, you run the risk of not even light when a lamp shines brightly, and the second is much weaker. It is also strictly prohibited to use lamps with a power much higher than the recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. This can lead to the fact that the headlights will dazzle oncoming cars, and lights with these bulbs can quickly fail because they do not cope with the increased load.

When replacing bulbs they can be kept exclusively for the cap, touch the surface of the glass can not. Remember this, because fatty traces may negatively affect the future work, the lamp can quickly break down.

How to adjust the car's headlights, if they do not shine?

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