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Top 10 most important changes for drivers in Ukraine in 2019

In 2019, drivers were faced with a fairly large number of innovations that affect a variety of areas. Especially for you, we have collected in one article all the most important and significant changes that you should definitely pay attention to.

Top 10 most important changes for drivers in Ukraine in 2019

Driving License

1. Changed the rules for obtaining a driver’s license

Here, the main changes relate to the training procedure for future drivers and the accreditation of driving schools. Among the main innovations in this area, one can also highlight the introduction of video recording during the passing of the driving test and knowledge of traffic rules. This is intended to make passing the exams more transparent and prevent fraud and forgery when, for example, the student only turns the steering wheel, and the examiner presses and shifts the pedals. In addition, they have now officially been allowed to prepare for the exam individually, without having to attend a driving school.

The changes also affected the validity of the driver’s license-now it can be used for 30 years from the date of its issue, except for the first time issued.

2. You can now apply for a replacement driver’s license online

After introducing the driver’s electronic dashboard, the exchange of rights and obtaining a new driver’s license after theft or loss will be possible through the Internet in the functional subsystem of the Unified State Register of the Unified Information System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or on the Unified State Portal for the provision of administrative services.

Top 10 most important changes for drivers in Ukraine in 2019


3. Penalty for violation of the rules for transporting children in motor vehicles without special equipment

From November 20, 2019, the police began to fine Ukrainian drivers who violate the procedure for transporting children under 12 years of age established in the SDA. For them, the use of special means of fixation is mandatory. For example, you can use car seats or boosters.

The amendments to the Administrative Code establish that for the first violation during the year 510 hryvnias will have to be paid, and in the second case-already 850 hryvnias.

4. Penalty for refusal to transport beneficiaries increased 6 times

Now for the groundless refusal to provide citizens with the statutory benefit for the driver of the vehicle and citizens who are subjects of business, you will have to pay 850 grivnas for activities. Sanctions rose to 50 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens, while earlier, for a similar violation, a fine of only UAH 136 was charged (8 NMDG).

5. Payment of the fine and personal signature on the decision to institute administrative proceedings is not proof of the driver’s guilt

The Supreme Court examined several cases, as a result, it indicated that the mere presence of a signature on a decision issued in the case of an administrative offense and the payment of a fine do not amount to the plaintiff’s unconditional agreement with the prosecution and his acknowledgment of the offense.

Top 10 most important changes for drivers in Ukraine in 2019


6. Implementation of an automatic truck weighing system

Now, violations that are caused by a violation of the transportation regime when the established excess of weight or overall restrictions, or the absence of a document proving the payment of fares for large vehicles, will be recorded automatically. So far, only a few such points have been commissioned, but the government plans to increase their number to 100 in a couple of years.

In addition, penalties were imposed for violating the rules for the passage of heavy vehicles if they exceed the adopted overall weight standards:

  • from 5% to 10%-a fine of 8500 hryvnias (500 NMDG)
  • from 10% to 20%-a fine of 17,000 hryvnias (1,000 NMDG)
  • more than 20%-a fine of 34,000 hryvnias (2,000 NMDG).

7. Green numbers for electric vehicles

A law has been passed which introduces special road signs from January 1, 2020, indicating the places of charging and parking of electric vehicles, and also provides for the mandatory replacement of standard white car numbers with more noticeable green ones.

Now, gasoline and diesel car drivers need to be very careful, as they are forbidden to park in places marked with special signs, like parking for electric cars. In case of violation, the driver will be fined in the amount of 340 to 510 hryvnia (from 20 to 30 NMDG, respectively). A similar penalty is provided for the creation of obstacles in the parking lot for drivers in electric vehicles.

8. Measures have been taken to ensure the safety of Ukrainian roads

This year, a law will be adopted that will enter into force on May 16, 2020, which provides for the introduction of an audit of road safety, as well as introduces the concept of road safety management. An audit will be mandatory on national and international roads.

Top 10 most important changes for drivers in Ukraine in 2019

9. Verification criteria introduced for shipping companies

The Cabinet of Ministers has developed and approved uniform criteria for all business entities, according to which the risk of carrying out passenger transportation, transportation of dangerous goods and waste using road transport, as well as international transportation, will be assessed. The deadlines and frequency of planned activities will be established. The functions of the auditing and supervisory state body are entrusted to Ukrtransbespeku.

10. Regulation of the legalization of motor vehicles purchased in other countries

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption explained the features and procedure for declaring when citizens purchase cars abroad. When purchasing a car outside Ukraine and registering it as a property, the declaring entity (buyer) must submit a corresponding notice of changes in his property condition. At the same time, the cost of the vehicle is indicated in the declaration in full, that is, without taking into account the costs of collecting taxes, fees and other obligatory payments that were associated with its import into the customs territory of Ukraine and state registration.

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