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How can I protect a car from carjacking using GPS tracker?

How can I protect a car from carjacking using GPS tracker

Every car owner wants to protect his vehicle from theft by various methods. And when it’s difficult to cope with this signaling task, especially if experienced hijackers are involved, you can choose a more optimal and interesting protection method – GPS tracker.

Such a satellite monitoring system will help you quickly and easily find a vehicle, while it can be installed in a place where it will not be visible. Because of the compactness of such devices, it is easy to do.

Principle of operation

How can I protect a car from carjacking using GPS tracker

These devices work in this way:

  • they get the coordinates of the location of the car;
  • transmit this information to the satellite monitoring system;
  • the system of these coordinates is engaged in building a route of movement;
  • the map shows the entire route as a continuous line.

Thus, the owner of the car can trace where his vehicle is now or its route for a certain period of time.

When the need arises to use GPS monitoring

How can I protect a car from carjacking using GPS tracker

Using a GPS tracker for a car is necessary in many situations, but sometimes it is more than effective.

1. Car tow away due to improper parking.

2. The vehicle owner lends it to another person and worries about it.

3. The need or desire to constantly monitor the location of the car.

4. The driver wants to receive alerts about an unexpected start.

5. The owner wants to find his car in case of its sudden loss.

In these and other similar situations, the GPS tracker will help you quickly and easily track the location of the car.

Search for a car that was taken away by a tow truck

How can I protect a car from carjacking using GPS tracker

Improper parking very often causes the vehicle to be taken to the penalty area. Therefore, in case of loss of a car, the driver can track the route of movement of his car on a tablet or smartphone and get ahead of the evacuation to the penalty area in a timely manner. If the car was transported long before that, then the driver can also, thanks to the tracking system, find out where the car is and take it at any time.

Tracking a car when it is used by another person

Sometimes situations arise that the husband gives his car to his wife for a while and, thanks to the monitoring system, he can find out not only the location of the car, but also about possible speeding and other points. To do this, you can mark in the system the permissible speed limits and, if they are exceeded, the owner will be notified of this. In addition, thanks to this feature, you can find out about the places where the speed was exceeded.

For more convenience, you can use a system that builds reports on exceeding the specified speed limits at any time. Thus, the owner of the vehicle will be able to analyze this information and provide it to his wife or the one who drives a borrowed car, not adhering to traffic rules.

Regular control of the location of the machine

How can I protect a car from carjacking using GPS tracker

In the case of theft, when the presence of the anti-theft system did not become an obstacle for intruders, the car owner will still be able to determine the location of his car. Having an installed GPS tracker is easy to do, especially if you install it in a «secluded» place. Due to its compactness and quiet operation, it will be very difficult for a thief to determine its presence.

With it you can find out:

  • when thieves hijacked a car;
  • where he is now;
  • the path of the vehicle;
  • the location from which the vehicle location coordinates were last transmitted.

Thus, it will be much easier and faster to find a car, and the efficiency of such a device will be significantly higher.

Receive alerts for different situations

For a more comfortable use of all the features of GPS monitoring, the owner of the car can configure to receive automatic alerts about the occurrence of different situations. Very often this option is used to control the time of arrival and departure from the parking lot.

To use this function, you need to mark on the map the required territory as the place where you park the vehicle. And if the car goes beyond its borders, then the driver will be notified by a notification on his smartphone. Mark such sites can be in several places in the city or another village. Such a decision is very important, especially at night.

New GPS tracking with trackers

How can I protect a car from carjacking using GPS tracker

Monitoring systems are increasingly becoming popular among car owners, as they fully guarantee the safety and security of the car. They can be installed both inside the car and outside, for example, under the bumper. Thus, the driver will be able to constantly monitor all movements and quickly find out the location of his vehicle.

And you can choose the necessary device on our website, the catalog contains a huge number of devices for high-quality and fast determination of the coordinates or route of your car. GPS trackers can be bought in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa with delivery in Ukraine at

TOP-3 GPS-trackers

Best GPS beacons

Looking for a quality and the best GPS Trackers? This rating of GPS Trackers is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

GPS-controller X-Keeper Invis Duos in the car

GPS-controller X-Keeper Invis Duos in the car
  • ★ With two thermal SIM cards
  • ★ Works without introduction to the factory wiring
  • ★ It is used both onboard and personal

GPS tracker for auto ibag M66 Pro

GPS tracker for auto ibag M66 Pro
  • ★ Determination of coordinates via GSM/GPRS
  • ★ Power supply autonomous or mains
  • ★ Accurate determination of vehicle location

GPS tracker for Teltonika FMB920 with Bluetooth function and built-in battery

GPS tracker for Teltonika FMB920 with Bluetooth function and built-in battery
  • ★ Equipped with an accelerometer
  • ★ Internal memory of 200 000 points
  • ★ Remote engine lock

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