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Car vacuum cleaners filters – features of choosing

Cleanliness in the car is very important, despite the year time and car model. Since the driver does not want to breathe dust or ride in the cabin with dirt on rugs and other surfaces, he needs to take care of equipment that will help eliminate them. This technique includes car vacuum cleaners.

Car vacuum cleaners filters – features of choosing?

Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, equipment for cars is more compact and functional due, have some important options, as well as nozzles for a more thorough cleaning. Thus, buying a similar equipment, the driver will be sure not only that the interior of the car will be clean, but also in the efficiency of the equipment.

Main varieties

There are some kinds of car vacuum cleaners; they distinguished by power and the type of cleaning produced. Thus, there are vacuum cleaners:

  • for dry cleaning;
  • for wet and dry cleaning.

Also, distinguish models by type of power – from the cigarette lighter or having a built-in battery. Separately stand out options with different types of nozzles that will help clean hard to reach places in the cabin.

However, the type of filter used in it considered the most important criterion when choosing a car vacuum cleaner. It affects the quality and efficiency of cleaning, as well as the health of the driver and passengers. Why? Let's see.

Car vacuum cleaners filters – features of choosing?

Types of filters for car vacuum cleaners

The first car vacuum cleaners made with ordinary dust collectors in the form of bags made of dense fabric. They had the function of not only collecting dirt and dust, but also were filters at the same time. As a result, dust could pass through the bag, it returned to the salon, polluting the air. In addition, the bag clogged with dust, because of which its functions were significantly limited.

Now, modern models of vacuum cleaners for cars have innovative filtration and cleaning systems are used, this makes the use of a vacuum cleaner more efficient. There are the following types of filters that used in a modern car vacuum cleaner:

1. Aqua-filter.

2. HEPA filter.

3. Cyclone.

In most cases, vacuum cleaners made with containers for collecting dirt; however, some manufacturers still produce models of ordinary car vacuum cleaners with a dust collector in the form of bags. This technique is more improved; there are also installed special filters that make cleaning more efficient and safe.

Features of cyclone and aqua filters

Cyclonic filters are quite effective; they do the work, pressing debris and dust by the centrifugal force of air. Thus, dust particles attached to the walls in the container, ensuring a stable power of the vacuum cleaner motor. These vacuum cleaners for cars with cyclone filters are very popular due to the efficiency and high quality of their functions.

Car vacuum cleaners filters – features of choosing?

Aqua-filters or water filters work on the principle of passing air through a liquid. If there are enough large particles of dirt or dust, they settle to the bottom of the container. The only and, not least, a significant drawback of such equipment considered its dimensions. Therefore, when using a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter, the user may experience some inconvenience. On the other hand, this technique provides excellent anti-allergic prophylaxis.

Many manufacturers have developed models in which these types of filters combined; this technology called «aqua-cyclone». It based on the simultaneous movement of water and air in different directions.

The optimal solution in modern car vacuum cleaners – HEPA filter

The most effective and common method of filtration is the use of HEPA technology – highly efficient particle containment. This filter made from a fibrous sheet laid accordion. Similar performance, as well as due to the reduced diameter of the fibers in it, this filter is able to hold even very small particles of dust and dirt.

Such filters now considered very popular, despite their cost. This can explain by the fact that the use of car vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions, carefully and effectively cleaning all surfaces in the vehicle cabin.

1. Filters of this class are capable of removing the smallest particles, animal hair, from air and surfaces.

2. Their use prevents the occurrence of allergies due to the effective cleaning of the car interior.

3. All surfaces and air cleaned up to 99.5%, depending on the selected filter class.

Car vacuum cleaners filters – features of choosing?

These filters operate on the principle of inertia, entanglement and diffusion, stopping fine dust, as well as medium and larger particles. Thus, complete air cleaning ensured, and with the outgoing airflow, the minimal amount of dust comes out.

Over time, the efficiency of this filter increases as the attached particles decrease the distance between the filter fibers, clearing the air better and better. However, after a certain period of use, this filter also needs to be changed.

Recommendations for buying a vacuum cleaner

Moreover, except of choosing the kind of filter, there are some important factors affecting for cleaning speed and ease in the car:

  • it is better to buy more powerful models, since the presence of insufficient power will complicate the cleaning of coarse dirt, for example, sand;
  • availability of the combined type of power will allow to extend the life of the equipment;
  • the presence of the wet cleaning function will help to make the cleaning more qualitative, especially if there is liquid on the seat or carpet;
  • a greater number of nozzles increases the efficiency of the device, since it will be possible for them to clean hard-to-reach places in the car.
Car vacuum cleaners filters – features of choosing?

By adhering to these recommendations, you can choose the best option for cleaning in your car. Moreover, our consultants can help in this, choosing the best model, taking into account your wishes. You can buy auto vacuum cleaners in Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev with delivery in Ukraine on the site

TOP-3 auto vacuum cleaners

Best vacuum cleaners for cars

Looking for a quality and the best car vacuum cleaners? This rating of car vacuum cleaners is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Car Vacuum Cleaner HEYNER CyclonicPower PRO 240

Car Vacuum Cleaner HEYNER CyclonicPower PRO 240
  • ★ Powered by car cigarette lighter
  • ★ With double filtration system
  • ★ The maximum power is 138 W

HEYNER Turbo3Power PRO 243 twin-engined auto vacuum cleaner

HEYNER Turbo3Power PRO 243 twin-engined auto vacuum cleaner
  • ★ Durable glossy plastic housing
  • ★ Two motors provide high-quality cleaning
  • ★ Turbo brush for cleaning pile

Vacuum cleaner for cars Elegant CyclonicPower Maxi Pro 100 235

Vacuum cleaner for cars Elegant CyclonicPower Maxi Pro 100 235
  • ★ Low noise during operation
  • ★ Engine power — 138 W
  • ★ With the function of collecting water

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