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Extra hood lock is car protection

Hood this is the last obstacle that restricts access to the engine compartment of the car. Therefore, it is very important that the lock on the hood is reliable, one that will work properly, for a long time and without failures. Experts recommend installing additional locks and locks. They provide a high level of protection. Such a lock will be a good addition to an existing car alarm.

Extra hood lock

Benefits of using an optional bonnet lock

A standard lock installed on the hood at the factory has a very simple, one might even say primitive design. It is intended only to keep the hood closed. Such models are easy to open and have a low protective function. That is why experienced drivers recommend installing additional locks that provide protection against:

  • starting a motor using an autonomous power system, as well as gaining access to control of an automobile engine by outsiders;
  • turn off the siren of a triggered car alarm and restore engine blocking;
  • access the diagnostic connector.

Varieties of additional car hood locks

Different models of locking devices for the hood available on the market may differ from each other in terms of reliability, type of control and, of course, in price. When choosing, it is very important to comprehensively approach the issue, because it is very important that the lock provides reliable protection of the engine compartment.

Extra hood lock

There are several types of additional hood locks, taking into account their design: electrical and mechanical.

Power bonnet locks

They have a fairly simple design with a small number of constituent elements, which increases their reliability, makes operation simple and unpretentious. They can also be divided into several subspecies:

  • blocking the standard hood locking lock such models have special keys with different levels of secrecy.
  • having an additional locking element these locks are closed using a special key, which has a cylindrical shape.

Electric or electromechanical bonnet locks

These are more modern models with an increased level of protection. For their opening/closing, an additional keychain is used. In their manufacture of the device, metals with anticorrosion properties are usually used. Many locks in this category can be integrated into an existing alarm system. This is not only convenient, but also significantly increases the reliability of the security complex of the vehicle.

Extra hood lock

Model locks

This type of blockers should be allocated in a separate group. Their main feature is that the model hood locks have a very high level of secrecy. The thing is that they are made for cars of specific brands, taking into account their design, therefore, all individual features are taken into account, which allows the installation to hide the blocker as much as possible from prying eyes.

Features of optional bonnet locks

The main function of all hood locks this is to counter theft and protect the car from unauthorized entry of unauthorized persons under the hood, that is, to prevent them from gaining access to all the main elements of the vehicle’s power plant. Of course, like any other device, locks have certain positive and negative aspects of operation.

Pros of using a hood lock

Among their advantages are the following:

  • This is a good reliable and effective tool that has repeatedly proved in practice that it can withstand theft.
  • All locking devices of this type are autonomous mechanisms with their own individual drive.
  • Installing such devices takes the hijacker time. When the count goes for seconds, it is very difficult to deal with the device of the lock, especially if a lock with a high level of secrecy is used. Opening them is usually quite difficult.
Toadditional hood lock

Cons of the optional bonnet lock

The disadvantages of such designs include:

  • Access to the engine compartment is limited for the car owner. Sometimes in an emergency it can also take some time, which can be very important.
  • The effectiveness of many blockers is determined by their settings.
  • In winter, at minus temperatures, interruptions in the operation of mechanical hood locks can occur, they simply freeze.
  • Basic Design Element the larva is very vulnerable. This is due to the fact that it is most often possible to access it.

Additional recommendations

1. Install the lock cylinder with the larva in an inaccessible, hidden place. Optimally, if the larva has additional protection against opening with the help of a master key, from bumping opening and from turning. The most reliable are castles:

  • having floating cylinders;
  • equipped with grubs that have over 5 million key combinations;
  • with a double larva with a pin code;
  • opening with cylinder keys and having a high degree of secrecy.

2. The cylinder must be fixed to the car body with the help of stall bolts.

3. It is recommended to place the blocker behind the radiator. Otherwise, by removing the grill, you can easily access the castle.

Extra hood lock

4. The control cable of the lock should be installed so that the criminal could not pry it from under the hood or have a bite to eat. And get attention and not the thickness of the cable it should be 0.25 cm or more. This thickness complicates the sawing and biting. Ideally, the cable should have extra protection optimal is a modern durable multilayer material.

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