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What is video parking sensor and how does it work?

Many novice drivers, and not only, are experiencing some difficulties during parking. To facilitate this process have created a special unit, which are called parktronics. The main principle of their work lies in the fact that special sensors detect obstacles at a distance from the vehicle and trigger an alarm when a strong approximation to them. This helps the driver to quickly react and avoid a collision.

What is video parking sensor and how it works?

These devices come in different types, some of the most functional and efficient are video parking sensors. About them, we discuss in this article in more detail. Consider their particular advantages and disadvantages.

Features video parking sensors

video parking sensor — this device is specially designed to facilitate the process of parking and traffic back to the car. It connected with the possibility of conventional PDC sensors and a rearview camera. This combination allows the driver to get full information about upcoming obstacles, terrain features, such as holes that may suddenly arise in the path of the vehicle. And all the information is not only served as audio alarms, but also displayed on the monitor. That is, a person can visually assess the situation and decide if the maneuver.

Between them different kinds video parking sensors also may differ, despite their general operating principle, they can have a different configuration:

  • The devices that come with your external display and the optional rearview camera.
  • Just a block and sensors without a camera and a display, which are designed to work with the standard camera and pre-installed in the car head unit with the monitor. This is a more budget option.
What is video parking sensor and how it works?

Who should buy video parking sensors?

Obviously, the experts recommend the use video parking sensors those drivers who are just learning to drive and have a little experience, as well as those who are faced with difficulties during parking or banal afraid accidentally damage the paint on the body of the car.

Parktronic, without a doubt a very useful gadget that is really able to make life easier for any modern driver. With him driving a car is the most convenient, safe and enjoyable.

Only when using video parking sensors have to be extremely careful. The thing is that this device reproduces the trajectory of movement of the car on the basis of the rotation angle of the front wheels. Therefore, when only one set behind the camera, then the lines that you see on the screen SC recommended path can sometimes be slightly inaccurate. Here, too, it requires some experience. Nevertheless, thanks to video parking sensors you get to see a complete picture of everything that is happening behind the car. Which greatly facilitates reversing.

How does video parking sensor?

At the heart of each universal video parking sensor there is one important central element of — main unit. That is it receives and processes signals from the rearview camera, parking sensors and then outputs them to have common data. Displayed on the monitor is not just a video of what is happening behind the car on a special scale image is applied, which helps to assess the situation and choose the optimal trajectory for parking the vehicle.

What is video parking sensor and how it works?

Connection rearview camera to block is performed thanks to a special video input. The head unit is able to process data fast enough and to connect information from the camera sensors. Which provides good overall performance of the device. Since the driver is important to get the information as quickly and as fully as possible.

What are the advantages video parking sensors?

About the features of the talk, now worth a closer look, what are the advantages of using it video parking sensors, and how they differ from conventional models, which have only sensors. Among the advantages are the following:

  • Maximum efficiency, because the device enables simultaneous reception of data from two sources.
  • Elevated levels of safety and stable operation in all conditions, even if all of a sudden one of the parking sensors suddenly fails. The driver will still see everything visually, as the picture from the rearview camera will be supplied continuously, as well as information from the sensors remaining in service.
  • Sophisticated equipment, to purchase any additional components are required, the camera and the monitor are already complete. If they do not, the video parking sensor seamlessly connects to the standard head unit and standard rear camera.
  • Help in difficult parking conditions, such as low visibility when the fog outside, in the rain or wet snow. In this situation, due to the Parktronic you can orient well and to make the maneuver quickly and safely.
What is video parking sensor and how it works?

Also, I want to note the fact that the cost of video parking sensors even higher than that of the simpler options, but it will still be significantly lower than the cost of replacing the damaged car bumper. Especially because at the time of parking the driver often risk not only hurt for a fence or reinforcement, but also an expensive foreign car. And it is absolutely other money as repair two cars can be a very serious blow to the wallet. Therefore, it is worth considering, and if you need such savings. Parktronik — it is comfortable and has very many drivers in Ukraine had time to evaluate their work in dignity.

In our online store you can always buy video parking sensor in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa, with delivery across Ukraine. The catalog presents the different models that work well and will become your faithful assistants during parking.

TOP-3 parktronics

Best parking radars

Looking for a quality and the best parktronics? This rating of parktronics is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Combined parktronic ParkCity Kiev PC 818 / 302L

Combined parktronic ParkCity Kiev PC 818 / 302L
  • ★ Voice notification of obstacles
  • ★ Diameter of sensors 18 mm
  • ★ 8 sensors included

Parking system Gazer PA40R

Parking system Gazer PA40R
  • ★ Installation on rear bumper
  • ★ 4 sensors
  • ★ Diameter of sensors 22.5 mm

Parking Radar GT P Drive 8 silver (P DR8 Silver) with LCD

Parking Radar GT P Drive 8 silver (P DR8 Silver) with LCD
  • ★ Frequency of ultrasonic sensors 40 kHz
  • ★ Range of measurement of distance of 30 cm - 2.5 m
  • ★ Diameter of 8 ultrasonic sensors 22 mm

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