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Snow chains: recommendations on the selection and operation

In the winter the road can encounter many troubles: mud, ice, snow. In such circumstances, to drive a car much more complicated, and salvation for the drivers can become chains. With their help, the machine is able to easily pass even very difficult sections of the road, non-slip and not bogged down in mud or snow. In this article we will talk about the features and operation of the properties of different types of snow chains.

Snow chains: recommendations on the selection and operation of

When a motorist may need snow chains?

As a rule, wear chains to improve traction in difficult weather conditions. Usually the set includes a pair of chains that need to be fixed to the drive wheels. They usually act as an additional removable tread.

The principle of their work lies in the fact that due to the fact that the chain links have a small contact area with the road, the car is more pressure on the soil. This provides better throughput, since the machine literally "bites" into the ice.

The use of snow chains is very important in the autumn-winter period. They help drivers to travel in off-road conditions, reduce the risk of accidents, improve the manageability of the vehicle.

The types of anti-skid chains

All the chain, dress on wheels, can be divided into two groups:

  • soft - in this embodiment, between the cables, is tensioned by a wheel circumference, are arranged additional plastic or rubber elements.
  • hard - made of metal, they usually have a drawing with a cross intersections.

The chains can also be divided into several types based on their size, tread pattern and a method of processing units.

The size is simple. The manufacturer usually indicates the package for which the chain wheels are suitable. And here it is important to always choose the right size, then they will sit tight and dress will be easy and without any problems. In particular for passenger cars and trucks snow chains will vary in size, as they have wheels and size can vary quite significantly.

As for the picture, then there are many options:

The types of circuits on the image

There are several varieties:


Snow chains: recommendations on the selection and operation of

The braid protector takes the form of strips which are perpendicular to the wheel. This is the simplest type of such circuits are considered the cheapest.

This option is perfect for driving in off-road conditions, thanks to the fact that they are helping to rake in the mud. Their use facilitates the movement of the machine can quickly get on a firm, level road surface.

There are the "ladder" and certain disadvantages, because of this type has a relatively small surface area, which is in contact with the road, it can sometimes cause samozaryvaniya. Therefore, these circuits are not suitable for driving on a very deep and loose snow.


Snow chains: recommendations on the selection and operation of

The chain has the form of intersecting diagonal lines. Due to this pattern can be obtained highest-roll bars, as well as a very good and important constant wheel contact with the roadway surface. But their use is to some extent limits the speed of the vehicle, but sometimes it is not critical, as more important than control in slippery conditions.


Snow chains: recommendations on the selection and operation of

The braid tread provided in the form of intersecting strips are not touching each other, which is also slightly deviate from the longitudinal axis. This type of circuit provides good grip and stable control when driving on snow, ice and dirt. That is, they are perfect for winter operation.


Snow chains: recommendations on the selection and operation of

They are longitudinal strips interconnecting the lateral rods which form a nodal point, resulting in very similar to drawing triangles.

Due to the fact that between the strips are formed zigzag lines, the car can easily move through the snow-covered road. These circuits work fine on a deep and loose snow cover, do not get caught giving the car. However, when driving in mud, this option is not very effective, it is better to choose something else.

Types of chains of processing type

One of the characteristics, which is certainly worth a look when buying chains to the wheels, is a method of heat treatment of metal links. There can be 3 options:

"Crude" metal - in this case no thermal treatment of the material. This embodiment provides plasticity units, if the wheel suddenly needed acute or curb stone, the chain will not burst. But this same disadvantage as the soft metal is not long, it quickly wears out.

"Cullen" steel - this variant is practically not subject to abrasion, good resistance to abrasion and mechanical stress on contact with asphalt. But it has a significant drawback - the fragility of the strong impact, for example, the sudden arrival on the curb, the chain may break. That is the time of service of such circuits is also not very high.

Combined heat treatment - This method assumes that the metal is superficial heat treatment. This provides increased strength of the outer layer and the inside while maintaining sufficient ductility. This technology allows you to achieve optimum performance: the metal will not be erased when driving on bare pavement and will not burst upon impact

Snow chains: recommendations on the selection and operation of

Operation skid chains: important points

As with any other car accessories on the chain wheel have certain rules for the use, which is important to follow:

  • On-wheel drive vehicle is recommended to use only one pair of the front wheels. This option works better than the rear wheels, as permeability increases. However, to achieve maximum cross-skid devices should be worn at all 4 wheels.
  • On the chains on the wheels is not recommended driving at high speed. Typically, manufacturers of chains resemble that the recommended speed for the vehicle must not exceed 30-50 km / h. If you drive faster, it can cause serious problems: the chain may break and cause an accident, can burst the tire, etc.
  • .
  • go constantly with chains is not recommended on a dry road, some circuitry even strictly forbidden to ride on the pavement. This is not only due to the fact that the circuit may be damaged, but also to the fact that the availability of such equipment on the wheels increases the stopping distance.
  • you should always read the instructions before installing. It will quickly put on a chain. Remember that fixing can not be strongly tightened.
  • Please note that installing such devices is not recommended on the non-driven wheels. This can lead to reduced handling and a bad influence on the permeability of the vehicle.
  • When driving with snow chains on the wheels can not brake sharply and add gas. All actions of the driver should be smooth and soft. This is important in order not to damage the suspension.
  • Experts advise disabling system ABS (Traction Control), if it is, of course, there is, it will set on wheels chains operate more efficiently and peel yourself.
  • If you need to pass a complex plot, very sticky mud or deep snow, the experienced drivers recommend a little lower a little tire pressure by about 0.5-1 atm. This will improve the grip.
  • If you use chains on the wheels with low-profile tires have to be extremely cautious. Such devices can damage the discs or tires.
Snow chains: recommendations on the selection and operation of

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TOP-3 snow chains

Best wheel chains

Looking for a quality and the best chains on wheels? This rating of chains on wheels is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Wheel chains Elegant V5-119

Wheel chains Elegant V5-119
  • ★ link thickness 16 mm
  • ★ for sizes 9x15, 30x9.50 R15, 255/70 R15, 275/60 R15, 750 R15, 840 R15, 235/70 R16, 245/70 R16, 235/65 R17, 205/75 R17.5, 8 R17. 5, 215/75 R17.5, 235/55 R18
  • ★ 2 chains included

Snow chains Vitol KN-50

Snow chains Vitol KN-50
  • ★ link thickness 12 mm
  • ★ for sizes 145 R15, 155 R14, 165 R13, 520 R14, 560 R13, 560 R14, 590 R13, 155/70 R15, 155/60 R15, 165/70 R14, 170/65 R365, 175/65 R365, 175 / 65 R14, 175/70 R13, 180/65 R340, 185/50 R15, 185/60 R14, 185/65 R13, 185/55 R14, 190/55 R365, 195/50 R14, 195/55 R14, 195 / 60 R13
  • ★ 2 chains included

Anti-slip belt in car ViMAX MSC 701

Anti-slip belt in car ViMAX MSC 701
  • ★ Has a plastic chain material
  • ★ Suitable for tires from 145 to 285 mm
  • ★ Great for light car types

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