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Anti-skid bracelets are the main assistants on the road to ice

In the cold season, especially in winter, it is very important to ensure safety while driving. After all, during snowfall or icy conditions, it is very difficult to move along the road without having additional equipment or accessories for safe movement.

Replacing rubber from summer to winter significantly reduces the risk of drifts on the road, but sometimes this is not enough. You can ensure complete protection of the wheels and, of course, the driver himself, by purchasing and completing the installation of anti-skid bracelets.

Anti-skid bracelets are the main assistants on the road to ice

Special features of these devices

Anti-skid bracelets are used as backup hard protectors for tires. They are used for greater permeability in difficult weather conditions-on a snowy or unpaved surface, in ice.

A small contact spot with a road surface provides for significant pressure, so the bracelets go deeper into the ground or another road surface. This is possible because of direct contact with a solid surface and then it is possible to move more confidently and easily. If the elastic surface is not observed, then the bracelets work as "blades", freeing up space for the movement of the wheel. It also allows you to increase traction and drive more confidently and easily through this gap.

The main features of anti-slip bracelets are as follows:

1. universality-suitable for any tires, there are certain models for rubber with a radius of 13 or 18;

2. excellent equipment-in most sets there are 6 bracelets-3 pieces for a separate driving wheel, ties for fixing, as well as special gloves for mounting anti-skid bracelets. For better preservation in the summer, special waterproof covers are included;

3. the purpose of the bracelets-when choosing, it is necessary to take into account for which car these devices will be used, whether passenger or cargo;

4. guarantee of efficiency of use-due to the wide enough band of the bracelet and its diameter, the permeability on difficult pavements is fully increased, and the probability of an accident or an emergency situation is reduced.

In addition, when buying anti-skid bracelets, it is important to pay attention to their fastenings. Reliable and durable design of clamps-the key to long-term use and high performance of these accessories. Often used chain segments as fasteners, but you need to use them with extreme caution, because they can easily damage the alloy wheels.

How to install bracelets?

It is very important to remember that bracelets, unlike chains, are mounted very simply and quickly enough. However, this process also has its own characteristics that must be considered during installation.

Anti-skid bracelets are the main assistants on the road to ice

Installation is carried out on one axle of the car, mainly three bracelets are mounted on each individual drive wheel. Installation is also carried out on two axles, however, at least three elements on each axle should be installed on the front wheels. You can buy anti-skid bracelets with a complete set of 8 pieces for mounting on rubber of the driving wheels in the amount of 4 pieces each. This kit is designed for use in particularly difficult driving conditions.

  • The anti-skid bracelet fastening tape is threaded into the disc hole, and it is secured with a lock.
  • You can remove it easily, in one motion-the lock opens and the bracelet is pulled out.
  • The main thing to consider is to secure the locks and slings so that the bracelet does not fall off the tire while driving.

During installation, it is important to check the distance between the mounting of the bracelet in the inner part of the wheel and the brake caliper, it should be large enough.

Advantages of using anti-skid bracelets

Easy and safe movement on any road at any time of the year is not the most important factor influencing the choice of these devices. Other advantages of using anti-slip bracelets are:

1. the ability to install anti-skid bracelets even during a difficult situation-when the car is stuck in snow or mud;

2. no need to lift the car with a jack, installation is carried out without the use of additional accessories or equipment;

3. installation of anti-skid bracelets is carried out quickly, on average, one element is no more than 15-20 seconds;

4. easier to use than when using snow chains.

Anti-skid bracelets are the main assistants on the road to ice

It is important to remember that when choosing these accessories you need to take into account the peculiarities of their use, as well as select them taking into account the design of the device. Now models with steel galvanized buckles are popular on the market, their advantage is considered to be anti-corrosion effect, due to which their use will be longer.

Features of operation of the car with installed anti-skid bracelets

The main thing to remember while driving out of the installed bracelets is tact and accuracy. These rigid protectors act as powerful contact elements, so their work with fast movement can be not to the benefit, but to the detriment. The main "rules" of operation of the vehicle with installed anti-skid bracelets:

  • speed limits are 50 km/h;
  • minimum movement on dry pavements or on asphalt with bracelets. The presence of these devices on wheels while driving on such a road can lead to breakage of the bracelets, and the condition of the car suspension and, in fact, the tires themselves can deteriorate;
  • it is necessary to accelerate and slow down smoothly, you need to avoid jerks and hard actuation of the clutch;
  • mounting bracelets is carried out mainly on the leading tires, mounting on non-driving tires can cause difficulties that arise when driving, such use of bracelets is often considered meaningless;
  • Mounting bracelets in a car with a large diameter of brake discs should be done with extreme caution. During installation, you need to check for sufficient clearance between the brake calipers and the bracelet retainer.
Anti-skid bracelets are the main assistants on the road to ice

Mounted anti-skid bracelets, one per separate drive wheel, while moving on serious off-road, the number of devices may increase. The maximum amount for installation can be 4-6 pieces on each tire.

Storing and maintaining wristbands

After using these devices, they must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. They are compact, so do not create additional difficulties during storage. If special covers are not included in the package, drivers often store bracelets in strong plastic bags.

The need to install these accessories is obvious, especially during the onset of cold weather and the appearance of the first ice on the road. Therefore, you need to buy anti-skid bracelets in advance, choosing the best option for your vehicle. A huge selection of the best models of different brands can be found on our website. Buy anti-skid bracelets in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa at with delivery in Ukraine.

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