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Car alarm is triggered for no reason: what to do?

Protecting your car from theft is one of the main concerns of every car owner. That is why it is now difficult to find a car on which the car alarm would not be installed. However, no matter how super-modern the security device is, it can work suddenly and arbitrarily, without any good reason. However, in fact there is a reason, we’ll try to figure it out.

Car alarm is triggered for no reason: what to do?

The main reasons for triggering a car alarm

Conventionally, all reasons can be divided into: regular and non-standard. The first type, of course, involves the penetration of third parties into a car with the purpose of hijacking a vehicle. Regular situations also include situations when the alarm gives an alarm when it hits the outside of the car.

Abnormal responses are also not uncommon; a variety of factors can provoke them. For example, sensors may trigger due to:

  • high sensitivity of sensors used in the system;
  • non-compliance with installation rules;
  • mistakes made while setting up or repairing;
  • high humidity;
  • malfunctioning trailer;
  • dimensional items left in the passenger compartment.

Let's analyze each cause of the false positive in more detail. After all, if this happens especially often, it requires intervention and elimination of the reason that caused the unauthorized inclusion of an alarm.

Very Sensitive Sensors

Incorrect configuration of car alarm sensors is one of the most common reasons. After all, if the elements responsible for the response of the security system to the blow were not carried out correctly, and the sensitivity threshold is very low, then the alarm can be triggered by vibration created by passing cars. That is, the siren will sound constantly, causing the owners of the car to panic and stress.

Car alarm is triggered for no reason: what to do?

A similar problem is solved quite easily by reducing the susceptibility of shock sensors built into the car alarm. This procedure can, of course, be performed independently. However, keep in mind that the installation of a security complex has certain features and you need to know some nuances. Therefore, before proceeding with the adjustment of the sensors, it is recommended that you carefully study the operating instructions for your car alarm.

Independent intervention in the operation of the security complex in any case can cause certain difficulties for an inexperienced person. Particular care must be taken when reconfiguring sensors in early-generation alarms. In such models, the sensitivity, as a rule, must be regulated by a standard mechanical method. In more modern versions, the sensitivity of the sensors can be adjusted electronically. Keep in mind that in the process of setting up sensors, most likely, you will often have to deal with the operation of the system, the inclusion of sound and light alerts. This is normal. If you are not confident in your abilities, and you are afraid that you cannot do everything correctly, then it will be safer and safer to contact the specialists in the service center that was involved in installing the car alarm on your car.

Often, an alarm can be used by criminals for no apparent reason. For example, a car shakes at night until the siren sounds. The hijackers themselves are hiding right away. The owner of the car wakes up and looks out the window-everything is fine; the car under the windows is in its place and no one is near, that is, there is no reason for the car alarm to work. After waiting a couple of minutes, he puts the car back on guard and goes to sleep. The criminal returns and repeats the procedure. This can happen several times a night. What can cause not only indignation of the car owner, but also of neighbors who are loudly heardthey say sleep. As a result, the owner of the car makes a conclusion for himself about the malfunction, since the security system turns on for no reason, and turns off the alarm or simply turns off the sound alert. All the hijackers have achieved their goal, now nothing prevents them from opening the car and stealing it.

Car alarm is triggered for no reason: what to do?

In order not to become a victim, after several similar alarms, it is not recommended to go to bed. Turn off the lights in the apartment and monitor what is happening with your car and why the alarm still works. Better yet, just drive the car to a specialized parking lot.

Errors during installation, configuration or repair

It is very important that the installation and subsequent configuration of the car alarm is carried out correctly. If at the same time gross errors are made or work is carried out poorly, the risk of sudden causeless trips is very high. The siren can turn on anytime, anywhere, simply because the system will not work properly.

The situation is similar with the repair work. Of course. You can do everything yourself, but if you do not understand electronics, then you should not risk it. It is better to trust an experienced master with a good reputation and feedback.

Activation of siren due to high humidity

Like any complex electronics, the alarm system is afraid of water. Therefore, one of the factors that can provoke a malfunction of the device may be excessive humidity. This phenomenon is quite common, as the machine often encounters precipitation (rain, snow) during operation. Sometimes water can penetrate under the hood during washing. If moisture has got on the connecting contacts, this can lead to a short circuit in the network, which in turn provokes an alarm. Solving the problem is quite easy-just dry the system.

Limit switch failure

Elements of an electric circuit closing it together are called limit switches. In the case of car alarms, they use limit switches mounted in the trunk, doorways and under the hood.

Car alarm is triggered for no reason: what to do?

If the limit switches are faulty, they can cause an unintentional operation of the vehicle security system. As a rule, a special indicator signals a similar problem, which lights up on the key fob. Among the reasons that provoke incorrect operation of the trailer, we can distinguish the following:

  • wear and oxidation of the main connecting elements;
  • bad contact;
  • wire breaking.

To establish the real cause of the problem will help only a comprehensive diagnosis of all components of the electrical alarm network. Sometimes, to eliminate tripping, it is enough to carry out the usual prophylaxis: strip the contacts and treat them with an anti-corrosion compound, replace faulty wires. If this was not enough, then a complete replacement of the circuit breakers may be required.

The presence of overall dimensions in the cabin

Some models of modern automotive security systems are equipped with built-in volume sensors. And if the car owner leaves a very large weight and size in the car, they can lead to an alarm. Therefore, when installing in the cabin and adjusting the volume sensor, it is imperative to consider the possibility of the presence of large foreign objects in the machine.

Sometimes, if a very high sensitivity of the volume sensor is installed, it can activate an alarm even due to a small fly or bug, which turned out to be locked in the passenger compartment. In order not to deal with flies, it’s best to set everything right right away, then there will be no false positives.

Car alarm is triggered for no reason: what to do?

Obviously, there is no way to do without an alarm now. This is the main element of car protection. If everything is working properly, then the driver can not worry and sleep peacefully. When the system suddenly starts to work for unknown reasons, this cannot be ignored. It is necessary to carry out diagnostics, check the technical condition of the wiring and the entire system, the serviceability of components and software. Only in this way will it be possible to find the real cause and eliminate it.

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