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The 8 most common driver mistakes in frosts

People tend to repeat their mistakes, and motorists are no exception. With the onset of winter, many of them commit rash actions or forget about very important things that should be paid attention to before the onset of cold weather. As a result, they encounter troubles, and some manage to step on the same rake every year. That's why let's look at the most common mistakes that should be avoided.

8 of the most common driver errors when freezing

First error. Summer driving style

This is one of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced drivers. It became the reason for the appearance of such a concept in the vocabulary of drivers as "Tinsmith Day". For some reason, many drivers, especially novices, forget that snow and lower temperatures negatively affect traction. The handling of the car becomes much worse, especially in the evening and morning, or after night frosts. They are still dashingly trying to accelerate, slow down, and perform various maneuvers, as in the summer.

How is it right? Gradually change to a winter driving mode should be in the autumn. This implies the following actions: driving should be as smooth as possible, without sharp jerks of the steering wheel, it is also important to increase the distance and strictly monitor compliance with the side interval.

Second error. Untimely change of rubber

This year the weather was favorable to us and the autumn turned out to be very warm and lingering, so many car owners decided not to rush to change tires until the first frosts came. As a result, there were huge lines at tire service. And with a cold snap on the roads and winter tires, it’s not easy to drive, well, to talk about continuing to ride on summer tires. This is very dangerous, such drivers can be compared to those who like to play Russian roulette.

How is it right? It is necessary to change tires in advance, and not at the very last moment. If you reached the first snow and sleet, it is not recommended to go on the road on summer tires, but look for options for emergency tire replacement. For example, you can take everything into your own hands and change the wheels on the machine yourself, in the yard. In addition, you can try to call all the nearest tire shops and sign up for them, though, most likely, you will have to wait a few days. You can quickly solve the problem using the services of mobile tire service personnel. The last option is the most expensive.

8 of the most common mistakes made by drivers when freezing

Third error. Low Battery

A discharged battery-even in the summer can cause serious problems. With the onset of cold weather, this is often a direct road to ensure that the engine does not start in the morning. And if you need to go urgently, it is very unpleasant for any driver.

How is it right? Even in the fall before the cold weather, it is recommended that a full recovery and recharging of the car battery is recommended. Any modern charger is ideal for this, ideally if it is equipped with a desulfation mode, this will increase the life and efficiency of even old batteries that have been used for a year or more. If, after a preventive charge, the battery is not able to work stably, it is better to buy a new battery. This will help to avoid a sudden failure at the first freeze.

8 of the most common driver errors when freezing

Fourth error. Did not change the water in the washer reservoir

This is a very simple rule, replace the summer windshield washer with a winter non-freeze in advance, even before the outdoor temperature drops below zero. But very often, at the very first frost, the car owner discovers ice in the tank, since he completely forgot about replacing the liquid.

What to do if the water is frozen but? Obviously, the ice cannot be drained just like that, it is necessary that it melts. You can search for a heated parking lot, such often happen in shopping centers, and leave your car there for several hours. After the water has melted, it is necessary to replace it with a special non-freezing liquid.

The fifth error. Bad headlight

Often in summer, drivers do not notice the dimming of the reflectors and the clouding of the headlamps, and even blown bulbs can ignore it. And this will not create a serious problem, since during the day you can move around by car quite freely, because there is enough light on the street, even at dusk it is not so dark. But already from mid-autumn, you can often come across the fact that the street is dark dark and absolutely nothing is visible. Add to this still frequent fogs and the picture becomes completely sad. You can’t do without good car light in such conditions.

How to fix the situation? Before the onset of autumn, it is necessary to carefully check the bulbs and, if necessary, replace non-working ones. The headlamp lenses should be polished. It will not be superfluous to adjust the headlights that need to be adjusted. This will help you achieve better light output and visibility will improve markedly on the road.

8 of the most common driver errors when freezing

Sixth error. Using old car wipers

Often drivers are too lazy to replace old wiper blades. Someone is trying to save money and pulls to the last. But even the simplest are the cheapest, but the new ones will work better than the old and worn out. If the wipers began to leave strong stains, streaks or simply spread the dirt without removing it, this can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Do not ignore it.

What needs to be done in this situation? Replace car wipers immediately. Moreover, the wiper blades are inexpensive, and a replacement will take only a couple of minutes, but you will protect yourself. Do not save on trifles! Believe me, then you yourself will say “Thank you.”

Seventh error. Ignore engine warming up

No matter how modern the engine is, at least a minimum short-term warm-up will still be necessary for it. Nevertheless, many drivers now began to completely ignore this rule, which everyone followed without exception, citing the fact that now the cars are not the same and they do not need anything. And this is a huge mistake! Unfortunately, a cold start has a very negative effect on the resource of any power unit.

How should it be? Finding five minutes to warm up the engine is not at all difficult. Naturally, nobody forgive warming the car for half an hour, this is really superfluous. But a few minutes will help to save the working life of the motor and extend its work. It is also recommended to warm up the car on the go, the first 10-15 minutes after the start does not need to sharply increase engine speed. All machine systems must warm up, on the go it will happen even faster than idle.

8 of the most common driver errors when freezing

Eighth error. Poor parking

This, on the one hand, seems to many not a very important issue, but on the other hand, this also needs to be paid attention to. Why? Because the convenience of leaving a snow-covered parking lot, the ability to quickly evacuate a vehicle in emergency situations, the risk of snow falling from a roof or an icicle on top of a car, and much more, can directly depend on the place. Think about it for sure, leaving your car in the evening in the evening in the parking lot. Perhaps later this will allow you to avoid certain inconveniences.

All of the errors listed are not critical, but cause inconvenience to drivers, and can take such an expensive time. Therefore, if you have not had time to complete all the necessary and prepare the car for frost, do it right now! In the online store you can find a variety of car accessories, with our help you can easily solve your problems.

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