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Choose snow chains for trucks

The snow and icy conditions greatly impede the movement of vehicles. To facilitate the task of the drivers, it is recommended to use special anti-skid chains, this is especially true for trucks. They will help to increase cross-technology, and without significant human and financial costs. One need only purchase chain of appropriate size for the vehicle wheels and firmly fix the rubber to steel links.

Choose snow chains for trucks

The principle of operation is as simple chains - the use of such devices increases the adhesion of the truck wheels with the road surface. Metal links literally bite into the icy shell or snow, it helps the wheels do not slip, and it is easier to overcome obstacles.

Design Features chain

Structurally snow chain - the two segments of the related metallic links which are located along the side surface of the rubber tires, which are further connected to each other also in transverse rows of links. The chain may have a different pattern depending on how the connecting elements are arranged. They can go both perpendicular to the wheel rotation, and to form lozenges or pattern resembling the shape of honeycombs.

In the anti-skid chains for trucks are made of strong steel bars with reinforcement. Thanks to a special processing can be substantially increase their strength and provide them with a good resistance to corrosion. To improve the coupling properties are sometimes used not round and tapered rods.

Choose snow chains for trucks

Versions of snow chains for trucks

Now manufacturers offer a wide selection of different chains, which may differ in their design and materials.

The chains with spikes

For the truck can pick up studded chain. Moreover, the spikes can also be of different shapes: round or square. They have a very good operational parameters and work well in an environment where you want to increase traction. Suitable for use not only on the roads, but also during the ice.

There are:

  • Standard spines - are small round pins or conical sections that stick out of the circuit.
  • Lying (flat) spikes - is carried out in the form of strips, which are welded across the links and turned his face to the road.
Choose snow chains for trucks

Automatic chain

This option works on a different principle. These circuits are included in the job when you have to get up to speed, or, on the contrary, slow down. Feed circuit by pressing a button in the cab, and this occurs even on the move. They can effectively operate at speeds up to 50 km/h.

They have a special design - special steel drum with an additional rubber-coated steel where fixed units. When the driver presses the button, the circuit is fed to the wheel. The segments of the chain under the action of centrifugal forces, straightened and coated surface of the wheel, increasing the grip. If the connection is no longer needed, it can also automatically push of a button away. The system is very interesting and convenient. But the installation of this option will be very expensive, so it is rarely used.

Segment chain

This is a simpler version. These circuits consist of individual transverse segments which are fixed on the wheel of the truck by means of special clamps which secure the wheel rim cover.

Their advantage is that if the wheel has got stuck in the mud, then, even wearing one such segment, we can help the car get out. Conventional chains that do not give, they should wear in advance, before you go on a trip on the road.

Choose snow chains for trucks

It is also worth noting that the number of segments, which the driver will wear on the wheel may be different, most of all depends on the specific road conditions. It can be adjusted independently.

How to choose a snow chain for truck?

Before you select should be defined with many paramterami: size, type of material, as well as the goal you want to achieve after installing the chain. All this is important, as it directly affects their efficiency.

Metalworking Types

One important parameter is the nature of the heat treatment units snow chains. There are 3 main types:

  • The crude metal without heat treatment - their links are plastic and would not burst in contact with the wheels on the curb or a large sharp stone. But since the metal is soft, it is quickly used up, that is, the life of these circuits is rather limited.
  • Cullen steel - the material is better resists mechanical abrasion, can serve for a long time, even when driving on asphalt and gravel. But they are also more fragile and that to a certain extent limits their use.
  • Metals combined heat treatment - this is the most optimal and durable type of circuits. In this case the metal passes through the process, so-called "prikalki". That is, the chain links are surface-treated. This ensures that the outside metal becomes stronger and the inside thus remains fairly ductile. This circuit does not burst on impact and will not fade quickly.
Choose snow chains for trucks

In addition to the material, it is equally important to determine by what the driver wants to install chains.

High cross

According to the cross-country leaders are chains with spikes. They are great for trucks, they do an excellent job, if it is necessary to drive through mud, snow and icy road. True to ride with these circuits is not recommended for very hard road surface.

If you buy a studded tire chains is not possible, then you can increase the permeability and other methods. To improve the grip and improve cross is enough to increase the number of chains of cross bars. This will help the car better to overcome difficult road sections.

Smooth running

It is important for passengers and transportation of fragile goods. Here it is best to take pictures with the chain "diamond" or "cell." They are most often used for buses.

Also, a smooth ride is important if you need to drive through deep snow. If the chain allow to go smoothly, without jerks, it minimizes the risk of wheel spin in soft snow.

Also, remember that the smooth running affects the size of the links. The larger will each individual segment, the better the wheel will cling loose road surface. But when driving on a hard surface, for example, on ice, for smooth running is better to choose a small size unit.

Choose snow chains for trucks

Fast installation

If the priority is for the driver - the convenience and speed of installation and removal, it is best to choose a segment chain. Such "bracelets" is fast and easy to install, it does not require any special skills. And they, as we have said before blo, can be installed when the machine is already bogged down to help her get out of a snowdrift. It is quite practical and easy to use option.

In the online store you can buy snow chains for trucks in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa delivery of Ukraine.

ТОП-3 snow chains

Best wheel chains

Looking for a quality and the best chains on wheels? This rating of chains on wheels is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Automobile chains Elegant KN-90

Automobile chains Elegant KN-90
  • ★ Link thickness 12 mm
  • ★ Convenient in installation and operation
  • ★ Metal links

Snow chains on the wheels Vitol KN-90

Snow chains on the wheels Vitol KN-90
  • ★ Suitable for sizes 175 R16, 180 R15, 185 R15, 195R14, 175/75 R16, 195/70 R15, 205/55 R16, 205/60 R16, 205/65 R15, 205/70 R14, 215/55 R16, 215 / 60 R15, 220/55 R390, 225/50 R16, 225/55 R15, 225/60 R14
  • ★ Link thickness 12 mm
  • ★ Chain for 2 wheels included

Anti-skid bracelets Poputchik 22-007

Anti-skid bracelets Poputchik 22-007
  • ★ Link thickness 6 mm
  • ★ Includes 6 pcs.
  • ★ for rubber - from 175/75 to 275/75, radius from R14 to R20

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