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TOP-4 Car Alarms – Rating 2018

Securing a car is an important task for every car enthusiast. The installation of car alarms can help in this; this device will not only «guard» the car, but also regularly notify the driver about its condition. With its help, the vehicle owner will be confident in the complete safety of the car in the parking lot, near the house or in any other place.

However, in today's market there are a huge number of options for anti-theft systems, which differ in functionality and levels of reliability, as well as purpose. We present you the rating of the best models of car alarms, compiled by our experts, based on the analysis of the most popular and sought-after products in 2018.

The best of car alarm – a comparative table of characteristics:

1 place 2 place 3 place 4 place
Car alarm Magnum Smart S 20 Magnum Smart S 20 Buy Car alarm Sheriff ZX-750PRO Sheriff ZX-750PRO Buy Car alarm daVINCI PHI-380 daVINCI PHI-380 Buy Car alarm Pandora DXL 3910 Pro Pandora DXL 3910 Pro Buy
Type of communication GSM / 2-ways 2-ways 2-ways GSM / 2-ways
Availability of sensors shock, tilt shock shock shock, stroke, tilt
Control/reception range unlimited 900/2000 m 900/2000 m unlimited
Additionally Miniature block (8x5x1.5 cm), alarm control via GPRS channel via a smartphone running Android / iOS Switchable dynamic DISARM DIALOG / dynamic code when disarmed - Undisclosed conversational code (AES 128 bit), the function "hands-free"
Magnum Smart S 20

Magnum Smart S 20

  • ★ Automatic engine blocking
  • ★ High degree of auto protection
  • ★ Remote autorun engine
First place

This car alarm is equipped with a GSM module and convenient control of the security functions of the system. It comes with several trinkets; it is possible to install applications on an IOS and Android smartphone. With this alarm, it is possible to autorun the engine remotely.

Here are the following security features:

  • — Validation of the owner with the help of regular auto buttons;
  • — Intelligent motor lock;
  • — The presence of AntiHiJack protection.

The alarm system is easy and simple to install on any car. Setup does not require additional skills; it is possible to ease install driver notifications about status changes or alarms.

  • + AntiHiJack protection to prevent theft attempt by gradually locking the car engine while driving.
  • + Remote autorun engine for warming up or cooling, key fob or mobile device, using an application on a smartphone.
  • + Set a unique code with protection from interception and scanning ProLock.
  • + Fully automated high grade auto protection system.
  • - The presence of only two sensors – movement and tilt.
Sheriff ZX-750PRO

Sheriff ZX-750PRO

  • ★ High protection against hacking
  • ★ In the complete set of LCD keychain
  • ★ Availability of feedback
Second place

Alarm system for auto Sheriff is equipped with a feedback function, provides a high degree of protection against hacking. Equipping three service channels, as well as protective functions from capture and theft makes this system the best solution for installation in the car. The car alarm is completing with an interactive LCD key fob, the detection distance of which is about 2 km.

A number of the following alarm feedback options represents security functions:

  • — manual arming using the Valet button;
  • — remote control of some alarm options;
  • — passive immobilizer;
  • — the ability to activate the alarm when the engine is running;
  • — two-stage removal of the security system.

In addition, the alarm system allows you to full control the central locking of the car, safely locking the door or making a consistent unlock.

  • + The presence of nine zones of protection.
  • + High level of protection against hacking.
  • + Ability to work by feedback.
  • - Inconvenient to use buttons key fob.


  • ★ Availability of feedback
  • ★ Medium degree of protection
  • ★ Dynamic coding
Third place

The security system provides full protection of the vehicle against theft, is equipped with a dynamic code that provides complete protection against theft, and the probability of its interception is completely excluded. The presence of an integrated pager in the key fob gives you the opportunity to learn about the sudden hijacking. The owner will know about this with a voice notification, as well as the appearance of a special pattern on the key fob.

Among the most important features of the anti-theft system is the anti-theft or Anti-Hi-Jack option. With its help, in the case of theft, it is possible to gradual block the engine while the vehicle is moving.

  • + Availability of feedback function.
  • + Equipped with anti-robbery mode.
  • + Built-in interactive pager in keychain.
  • - Lack of immobilizer
Pandora DXL 3910 Pro

Pandora DXL 3910 Pro

  • ★ Keyless autostart
  • ★ High degree of anti-theft protection.
  • ★ Function «free hands»


Car alarm popular Russian brand has a rather powerful and unique functionality. It is connecting to two digital buses; it works through the GSM interface. With the help of this functionality, the ergonomic use of the system and, accordingly, the safety of the car are increased.

Among the main features of the functional worth noting:

  • — 16 independent security zones;
  • — conversational code for encryption and emergency disarming;
  • — auto run and engine control, possibly remotely, from a smartphone;
  • — listening to the cabin and the ability to remotely lock the engine;
  • — full control of the alarm using a mobile device.

In addition, the package includes two anti-burglar tags-charm, performing many important and necessary functions. Installing this security system will ensure a safer stay in the parking lot and will protect against theft.

  • + System management from the phone.
  • + Multifunctional device.
  • + Ability to communicate with the car at any distance.
  • - High system cost.

Thus, having studied all the features of the devices, you can choose the best option for installation on your vehicle. The rating includes models of both budget and medium, as well as the highest segment with great functionality and capabilities to ensure better safety of the car. Car alarms can be bought in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov with delivery in Ukraine at

See the video review car alarm:

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