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TOP-5 car vacuum cleaners. Rating of car vacuum cleaners 2019

Regular cleaning of the cabin will extend the life of covers or seat covers, and will also increase the comfort of using the car. If you are driving every day, then dust and trash cannot be avoided, especially when your passengers are small children or pets. And they will help with cleaning in car car vacuum cleaners.

And so you do not tormented with choosing the right model, we have selected for you TOP car vacuum cleaners among customers. These are really high-quality models that have proven themselves well. So, here is our TOP:

HEYNER CyclonicPower PRO 240

HEYNER CyclonicPower is the most popular car vacuum cleaner among customers. For several years, this model has been a leader among peers in its price segment. The car vacuum cleaner has earned such popularity due to its high power of 138 W, and for a car vacuum cleaner it is really a lot of power. A also thanks to a unique cyclone filtration system that doesn’t allow the filter to become clogged and makes it possible to carry out cleaning more efficiently.

The Heyner CyclonicPower car vacuum cleaner works from the car’s cigarette lighter and has a long power cable in 4 meters, for due to which you can clean without problems both in the car interior and in the trunk. For cleaning in hard to reach places, in the kit there are several additional nozzles. And to better clean in dark corners, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with LED backlight.

This model is designed for both dry and for wet cleaning. For your convenience, the dust collector in this vacuum cleaner is made of transparent plastic so that you can monitor its fullness without disassembling the device itself.

For the convenience of storage and carrying a car vacuum cleaner there is a convenient bag with a handle.

It is worth noting the excellent quality of materials and build quality of a car vacuum cleaner. In our TOP will have another model similar in form and to the functional, but I will say right away that Heiner has better material quality.


We will not pull and immediately we will pass to this model. So this is the VOIN VL-330. As we can see, outwardly it is almost identical to the previous Hayner, in terms of characteristics it is also identical, but, in general, there are several differences. The first is obvious, and is the color. VOIN VL-330 is made in yellow. The second there is no backlight here. And another difference is the use of cheaper materials for the manufacture of both the vacuum cleaner itself and storage bags.

But in spite of all of these small flaws, this model is still an excellent powerful car vacuum cleaner with the wet cleaning function.

HEYNER Turbo3Power PRO 243

An interesting feature of the HEYNER Turbo3Power PRO 243 car vacuum cleaner is the presence of a turbo brush in the kit. A turbo brush will be able to easily clean surfaces from animal hair, hair, threads and other debris. The rotating roller of the turbo brush effectively sweeps away the dirt that is difficult to catch with a conventional vacuum cleaner. The power of the vacuum cleaner is 105 W, and the suction pressure is 19 mmHg. This power is more than enough for high-quality car cleaning.

Due to the presence of a turbo brush, this car vacuum cleaner is ideal for motorists with pets, especially if they are often transported in cars. But even if they don’t transport, then in anyway, all owners of cats and dogs transport themselves an endless amount of wool, which in ends up in the passenger compartment:)

This car vacuum cleaner is suitable for dry cleaning of the passenger compartment and the boot of the car, a long power cable will allow cleaning throughout the car. The dust collector here is the same as in previous car vacuum cleaners transparent, which allows you to monitor its fullness during time cleaning.

The case is made of high-quality glossy ABC plastic in black.

Belavto Tornado BA53

For cleaning in hard-to-reach spots in the kit there is a hose 80 cm long and crevice nozzle. In addition, there is an additional brush. A car vacuum cleaner from the cigarette lighter works, the length of the power cable is 5 meters, which will be enough for cleaning both in the salon and in the trunk. The power of a car vacuum cleaner is 110 W, which is enough for cleaning in cars.

The dust collector in the Belavto car vacuum cleaner is made of transparent plastic and its volume is 300 ml. The vacuum cleaner is designed for both dry and for wet cleaning.

For carrying and storing a car vacuum cleaner, a convenient bag is included in the kit. The vacuum cleaner is very easy to disassemble and clean.

Daewoo DAVC 150

The last in our list will be the Daewoo DAVC 150 car vacuum cleaner. Its main feature is the increased power 150 W. This is the largest power among all car vacuum cleaners from our TOP. Also, among the presented models, here is the most voluminous dust collector. Its volume is 580 ml. In the rest it is similar to the previous models there is a wet cleaning, a cyclone filter, a 4 meter power cable and 3 nozzles in the kit a brush, a crevice nozzle for hard-to-reach spots and rubber for wet cleaning.


Let's summarize. So, if you need a simple car vacuum cleaner that will perform its job efficiently, it can absorb spilled liquid, but without much excess Belavto BA53 is suitable DAEWOO DAVC 150.

Need a model more interesting — VOIN VL-330.

We need a more interesting model, but don’t like the yellow color and would like would have a car vacuum cleaner that looks richer, and also with the illumination — HEYNER CyclonicPower PRO 240.

Carry pets in your car one-stop choice — HEYNER Turbo3Power PRO 243.

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