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TOP-5 car alarms. Rating of car alarms 2019!

Cars are hijacking and that's a fact. In order to protect yourself from car theft, it is recommended to take a comprehensive approach to the protection of cars. A full-fledged security complex should consist of mechanical or electric hood locks, a gearbox and a steering wheel, and also a car alarm.

The selection of locks and blockers is best approached individually, because for each model of car you need a specially suitable lock. We will talk about them sometime later, and now we will look at more universal means of protection against theft, and exactly — car alarms.

For you we picked up the TOP-5 of the most popular car alarm systems.&Nbsp; TOP includes devices from different manufacturers and from different price ranges, and combines them that they have worked well among motorists. So, here is our TOP:

StarLine A63

The first alarm list on our list is the Starline A63. This is one of the basic systems of the Starline model range of alarms. It has a two-way communication type and is equipped with a cryptographic interactive coding algorithm that provides reliable protection against intelligent hacking using a code grabber.

Included is a key fob with feedback and LCD display, where you can see the condition of the car and with which the alarm is controlled. In addition, the kit also provides for an additional one-sided key-chain that can be used to remove and put on a security system. The main key fob works on the FM frequency 433.92 MHz. In urban traffic conditions, this range is often cluttered up and sometimes it is possible not to the first time put the alarm on security. The maximum range for controlling the alarm using a two-way keyfob is 800 meters, and the maximum reception range is 2 km. Also, the system supports the management of the vehicle key fobs.

The main feature of the Starline A63 car alarm is the possibility of its modernization and installation to the main block of additional modules, such as GSM, GPS and CAN, and also the engine auto-launch module.


  • Central alarm unit
  • Receiver antenna module
  • LCD Feedback Keychain
  • Extra keychain
  • Operating instructions with warranty card
  • Additional relay along with a block
  • Hood Limit Switch Wire
  • Status LED
  • Service button
  • Power cable and light control 
  • Hood limit switch, 2 screws, ground terminal
  • 1N4007 Diodes
  • Main cable with 10-pin connector
  • Cable with 6-pin connector for connecting inputs
  • 6-pin central locking cable
  • Transceiver Connection Cable

The Starline A63 alarm can be compared to a personal computer, for the account of the possibility of its upgrade. For good protection against hacking, it is enough to take the basic version, and additional chips that increase the comfort of its use can be purchased and installed over time.

Magnum Smart S 20

Magnum Smart S20 is a GSM car alarm that has all the advantages of two-way alarms, but in addition has an unlimited range and can be controlled from a smartphone. For more convenient control from a smartphone, there is a special application for Android and iOS. To use a GSM signaling system, you need to install a regular SIM card in its main unit, which will allow you to contact it at any distance, within the GSM coverage of the GSM operator.

Includes 2 one-way key fobs for quick removal and system arming for security. By the way, the system supports the ability to connect up to 8 of these keyfobs. The Magnum S20 system is equipped with a unique dynamic code with protection against interception and ProLock scanning, which also provides reliable protection against hacking. You can control the system in several ways:

  • with the help of complete keyrings;
  • using regular trinkets;
  • using your phone, calling the SIM card installed in the block. Control thus passes through the voice assistant.
  • using an app for smartphones and tablets.

The alarm has a built-in engine auto-launch module, so you can remotely start the engine and configure its launch according to the ambient temperature or according to the schedule at a specific time of day. Remote engine start is especially useful in the winter when you can warm up the engine before the trip before the trip, even without leaving the house.


  • Central alarm unit
  • Two key chains
  • Main 20 pin wire harness
  • Additional 18-pin wire harness
  • LED indicator with a harness
  • GSM antenna with cable
  • Microphone with cable
  • Engine thermal sensors and salon for systems with auto start
  • Jack button
  • Instructions for use and installation
  • Warranty Card
  • Siren 30 W
  • Bonnet contact sensor

Of the interesting features of the system, you can still highlight the presence of an external microphone, which can be installed to listen to the cabin. It is also possible to program functions and parameters via Bluetooth. In addition to the alarms, you can connect a CAN module to install the system via the vehicle's CAN bus.


daVINCI PHI-380 is a budget car alarm with two-way communication, which has all the basic features that alarms can provide. There are no stars from the sky, this signaling is not enough, but however, it doesn’t give a good protection against intellectual hacking at the expense of a 64-bit dynamic code. DaVINCI works in the standard 433.92MHz FM band and as mentioned earlier, when working in this band may be interfered with arming or disarming the system.

Included is a basic double-sided keychain with an LCD display and additional-one-sided.


  • Central alarm unit
  • Receiver antenna module
  • LCD Feedback Keychain
  • Extra keychain
  • Motor lockout relay.
  • LED indicator.
  • Wire kit.
  • USB cable
  • Operating Instructions
  • Warranty Card

In principle, nothing else special about this this car alarm. Just one of the most cost-effective and reliable two-way security systems.

Convoy MP-100D CAN Ready

Convoy MP-100D CAN Ready is another excellent two-way alarm system for cars in the middle price segment. This system boasts a robust conversational code that protects the code grabber from hacking. There is also a passive engine lock.

Convoy MP-100D Alarms are not deprived of several not most common chips, but namely, two double-sided keyfobs in the set, one of which is equipped with an LCD display with a built-in clock, the second the same key fob already without a display, but also with feedback, that is, they can not only put and disarm the system, but and receive on him notifications about the condition of the vehicle.

Another feature is operation at FM frequency of 868 MHz, and this is a “cleaner” frequency, and this is exactly what allows signaling to work stably in urban environments. You can easily remove the car from the alarm system even on the noisy parking lot at the supermarket.

In addition, this alarm system supports connection to the CAN-bus of the vehicle, but for this, you need to additionally purchase a CAN-module, since it doesn't


  • Central alarm unit
  • LCD Feedback Keychain
  • Two-zone shock sensor
  • Transceiver module with integrated LED indicators
  • Optional LED indicator (mortise)
  • Hood/trunk limit switch
  • Power locking relay with strip and wires
  • VALET Service Button
  • Fuse wire kit

Pandora DXL 0050L +

Pandora DXL 0050L+ is the version of the Pandora model popular in the Pandora line of alarms-DX-50, which was specifically released for the Ukrainian market. On the Ukrainian market was released 3 modifications of this system, which are different bundling. Pandora DXL 0050L + -this is the optimal configuration of the security system without the engine start.

The Pandora DXL 0050L + is equipped with an integrated CAN module with support for all the vehicles on the our market. The system is also equipped with a breakable LIN-controller with support for LIN-buses of UAZ, Lada, BMW, Datsun and Webasto pre-heaters and Eberspacher heaters.

With the protective functions, the system is also fine. — the 128-bit conversational code is used as the encoding algorithm, the alarm system works at frequency 868 MHz. I have already spoken about the advantages of this frequency.


  • Central alarm unit
  • LCD Feedback Keychain
  • LCD Keyfob Case
  • Extra keychain
  • Main cable
  • Cable with LED status indicator
  • Valet button
  • LIN Interface Cable
  • Mounting kit
  • Operation Manual with Warranty Card

Pandora has always been famous for the high quality of its security systems, and this model is not an exception. This is an excellent premium class car alarm with a basic set of functions and the ability to additionally equip it with an engine auto-launch module.


So, we have considered all the systems from our TOP. In short:

  • daVINCI PHI-380 is an inexpensive and reliable security system.
  • Starline A63 — a modular system with the possibility of growth.
  • Magnum Smart S 20 — a system with auto start and GSM control from a smartphone.
  • Pandora DXL-0050L + is a premium system with basic functionality.
  • Convoy MP-100D CAN READY is a budget system with the ability to connect via the CAN bus of a car.

All systems are good in their own way, but the choice is yours. Based on your needs.

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