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Rating: best DVRs 2019


Importance of buying and installing an autoregistrar. The best DVRs in 2019 – TOP-4 video recorders for cars – a comparative table. Features of each device in the ranking of DVRs. Which version of the video recorder to choose? all…


Rating: the best built-in seat heating 2018


The need to install heated seats. The best-heated seat recessed – a table of comparison characteristics. Rating built-in seat heaters of famous brands – TOP-4 best devices. The main features of the heater for the seats, the types of heating elements used. Which of the top-4 seat heating embedded better? all…


Rating: the best car alarms 2018


The importance of installing car alarms on a vehicle. The best alarms for cars – rating of popular models. What you chose – alarm feedback or security system with GSM module and engine start? Anti-theft systems of the highest and medium level of protection. all…


Rating: best battery chargers for 2018


Modern chargers – more efficient and high quality charging. Rating of automatic chargers and intelligent chargers. What are the distinctive features of a charger with a desulfation mode? Advantages and disadvantages of each model of the device for recharging. all…

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