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Vacuum cleaner for car: whether to buy?

If the car is dirty Salon — everywhere crumbs, sand and dirt, then it is very unpleasant, and if such a machine is not everyone wants to. To bring the salon in order, it is necessary to regularly clean it. Of course, you can order professional cleaning, this service often has on modern car wash, but it is expensive frost always have time for it. In such a situation can help out a compact car vacuum cleaner. Now, this accessory has become increasingly popular, let's consider whether to buy a vacuum cleaner in the car, what his strengths and weaknesses.

A vacuum cleaner for car: is it worth buying?

Advantages and disadvantages of a car vacuum cleaner

As with any other device Cleaners has some positive and negative aspects of operation. Let's look at them like this.


The benefits include:

  • the opportunity to clean up the crumbs and debris from the most remote places, some models even have a special nozzles that make it easy to clean in the crevices between the seats, etc;.
  • compact size and light weight — you can always take with you, do not take up much space, does not strain during operation;
  • Maximum ease of use — you just turn on and you can immediately clean up, to deal with that even a child;
  • available anywhere and at any time, that is, do not need to go anywhere, cleaning can be carried out at any time.


Among the shortcomings can be identified are:

  • Sometimes a cord that plugs into the cigarette lighter is not enough if it is short at Greenwood can be difficult.
  • Battery model more convenient, but the charge of the battery is usually very limited, it is enough for 15-20 minutes of continuous operation. It is not very convenient if you have to remove the entire interior at once.
  • low suction power, this is a very important parameter, if the vacuum cleaner is weak, with serious pollution will be very difficult to handle it.
A vacuum cleaner for car: is it worth buying?

How and how clean the interior of the vehicle from dust and dirt?

Of course, the sale is now possible to find the different models of car vacuum cleaners, and they often have a similar device. They have a motor, filtration system and the capacity to collect dust and debris. Dust bags are generally not small Cleaners.

Some models can not only clean, dry dirt, but also suitable for liquid, meaning they can be used for both dry and wet cleaning. Among the most popular and reputable manufacturers are several brands: HEYNER, Waeco, Einhell, Karcher and other


What to look for when choosing a car vacuum cleaner?

To purchase a reliable and efficient car vacuum cleaner, it is important to determine in advance with the main technical parameters. Among them, it is important to consider the following:

A vacuum cleaner for car: is it worth buying?

Type of food

It's simple, there are only two options: the battery and cigarette lighter.

Cordless vacuums are convenient, portable and practical. There are no wires that prevent, clinging to the chair, etc. But at the same time, since the charge is limited, they require regular battery recharging. With their help it is possible to clean not only the interior of the car, but also cupboards, attics and other remote places where it would be difficult to use a standard household vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum connecting to the cigarette lighter socket. Their advantage is that do not need frequent charging and ready to go at any time. But there are limitations that are associated with the length of the network cables. Better to choose the model, where the cable length is 3 to 5 meters. That's enough for cleaning the cabin, not only cars, but also the majority of trucks and SUVs.

A vacuum cleaner for car: is it worth buying?

Power consumption

The models with the index up to 70 watts are low-power, these can only remove minor impurities. Vacuum cleaners with a power of 80 W is already considered to be powerful, they do well with different types of contaminants. But their work is very important that the lighter was in good condition and able to support the work of these powerful devices.

It is equally important to focus on the current rate fuse. If it is designed to operate with currents of 20 A, which means that it can withstand the connection technology of up to 240 watts.

type dust collector

The most common dust collection and disposal in a car vacuum cleaner is carried out in a special container, which has a number of advantages:

  • does not need to be replaced;
  • easy to clean;
  • It can be seen in everything from getting inside.
A vacuum cleaner for car: is it worth buying?

Occasionally, but still can be found on sale Cleaners with bags. They are not often used, as the bags quickly clogged with dirt and dust, as a result of the device starts a bad pull and cleaning efficiency decreases. In addition, the bags must be constantly changing, it is not always convenient, and if the bags run out, you have to spend money on new.


Depending on the model, the vacuum cleaner may have different tips:

  • Turbo brush — designed for cleaning upholstery and pile seats.
  • Slit — easier to clean in hard to reach places, such as in the crevices between the seats.
  • Nozzle with a long nap — it is also designed to remove dirt from the upholstery.
  • With the retractable bristles — makes it easy to remove the debris from the floor and rugs.

This set is enough for any cleaning, more and is not necessary. Nevertheless, each individual model has its own complete set, so be sure to look at the choice that there was still necessary for you personally.

A vacuum cleaner for car: is it worth buying?


So, whether buying a car vacuum cleaner worth? Or is it just a waste of money. In fact, it is very convenient and useful gadget that will help you quickly get rid of the garbage, if you often have to carry pets in the car, or if you have children. A vacuum cleaner can not cope with complex pollution, but to clean hair, crumbs from biscuits and sand rugs — all this he is quite capable. That it worked well, give preference to a more powerful model, while cleaning in the cabin will be easy and fast.

Buy a car vacuum cleaner in Kiev, you can always e-shop delivery to Ukraine. We have a wide range of models at very attractive price.

ТОП-3 car vacuum cleaners

Best vacuum cleaners for cars

Looking for a quality and the best car vacuum cleaners? This rating of car vacuum cleaners is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Car Vacuum Cleaner HEYNER CyclonicPower PRO 240

Car Vacuum Cleaner HEYNER CyclonicPower PRO 240
  • ★ Powered by car cigarette lighter
  • ★ With double filtration system
  • ★ The maximum power is 138 W

Vacuum cleaner in car VOIN VL-330

Vacuum cleaner in car VOIN VL-330
  • ★ For cleaning in hard-to-reach places
  • ★ Has a wet cleaning function
  • ★ With a convenient bag-case included

Vacuum cleaner for cars Elegant CyclonicPower Maxi Pro 100 235

Vacuum cleaner for cars Elegant CyclonicPower Maxi Pro 100 235
  • ★ Low noise during operation
  • ★ Engine power — 138 W
  • ★ With the function of collecting water

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