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Features compressor Autorefrigerator

When planning a long trip by car to the cottage or a picnic, you need to think in advance about how to organize the storage of products. This is especially true in the summer in hot weather, as the food can deteriorate very quickly. To the drinks were cool and fresh products you can buy car refrigerator, it does not take much space and perfectly cope with this task.

Features of compressor-refrigerators

One of the popular choices are compressor-refrigerators. Of course, this is not a domestic refrigerator and a pot of soup in the store it is not very convenient. However, it allows you to take a supply of snacks, sandwiches, fruit and a variety of beverages. The size can vary depending on how much food is required to take on the road. Refrigerator may even amount of 11 to 110 liters or more. Most often, enough for a family holiday on the models 20 and 50 liters. They fit easily supply of food for 3-5 persons.

Design features

As for the operating principle, the basis of the refrigeration units of this type is a compressor and refrigerant substance changes its aggregate state from liquid to gas. Usually compressor car refrigerator freon is used.

Compressor autorefrigerators excellent job of maintaining the low temperature inside, even in very hot weather. Due to the operation of the compressor, the cooling does not occur very quickly and is dependent on what the temperature outside. If necessary, you can easily adjust the temperature to suit the needs and scope of products placed inside.

The portable automobile refrigerators with a compressor suitable for installation not only in the car or camper. They can be used even in a room in the holiday house, hotel, etc., Since most models of this type have the ability to connect to the on-board network only 12, but also to the ordinary household power outlet 220.

Features of compressor-refrigerators

One advantage of the devices is a rapid cooling and the possibility of long-term retention at a temperature level close to 0 degrees.

How do they differ from other types of car fridges?

In addition to the compressor machines are often set adsorption and thermoelectric refrigerator models. All of them are suitable for storing food and cooling drinks, but differ significantly on the basis of their work. In particular, there are several major differences:

  • In the thermoelectric Autorefrigerator no special coolant. They work on the Peltier effect, which consists in the fact that current is supplied to the special semiconductors, it provides cooling of the internal plates and external heating. If you change the polarity, everything will be vice versa, the device is able to operate as a cooling and heating on. The cooling temperature is relatively low, refrigerator unlikely to be able to cool the contents of below -3 degrees.
  • Operation of the adsorption refrigeration takes place due to the adsorption of water and ammonia. That is, they use a particular water-ammonia mixture circulating by adsorption and heating. It is worth noting that the heater can run on both electricity and gas. Typically, these models are used in commercial vehicles.

In addition to refrigerators sbereganiya products on the road, you can use special isothermal bags. Of course, the effect is not so significant, but a small bag with thermos effect when using special cold accumulators can also ensure the safety of the products to 12 hours. Feature of such bags is that they do not cooled, but can maintain a cold temperature inside, since their walls made of thermally insulating material. However, remember that the bags are not designed for large volumes and very long-term storage of frozen food.

Features of compressor-refrigerators

Advantages compressor Autorefrigerator

The main advantages of portable refrigerators of this type are:

  • to -18 degrees possibility of deep-frozen (ie they can store not only cooked food, but raw meat, fish, ice cream, and butter);
  • does not depend on the ambient temperature, cooled the contents in all weathers;
  • can regulate the temperature with a convenient digital display;
  • consume relatively little power;
  • work and from the car cigarette lighter 12/24 V and home network 220;
  • have a low inertia, they are quickly gaining the cold and are able to maintain inside temperature to -20 degrees.

Obviously, the compressor model an excellent job with long-life products, and even able to freeze them. This refrigerator can be taken in the long journey, he is not much inferior to their workers as a classic refrigerators installed in the apartments. However, in any case, before you buy should be familiar with the recommendations and characteristics of the particular model, to choose the most suitable for your needs.

Features of compressor-refrigerators

In the online store you can buy automobile refrigerators in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkiv of any type, including the compressor. We have a wide range in different price categories for all purposes and preferences.

Top 3 Autorefrigerator


Looking for a quality and the best refrigerators in the car? This rating of refrigerators in the car is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Car refrigerator Mystery MTC-243

Car refrigerator Mystery MTC-243
  • ★ Size 24 l
  • ★ Cooling - up to 16 °C below ambient temperature
  • ★ With heating function

Car refrigerator Osion BCD-60

Car refrigerator Osion BCD-60
  • ★ High-performance compressor
  • ★ Rapid cooling and temperature retention
  • ★ Intuitive digital control

Compressor car cooler Dometic WAECO CoolFun CK 40D Hybrid

Compressor car cooler Dometic WAECO CoolFun CK 40D Hybrid
  • ★ Volume 38 l
  • ★ Power 12/220 V
  • ★ Freezing to -15° C


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