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What is an immobilizer-modern methods of protection against theft

The issue of anti-theft protection is always very acute for car owners. And one of the protection methods is to install an immobilizer. This small electronic device can significantly increase the level of protection of the vehicle, as it prevents the attempt of unauthorized starting of the engine. Moreover, you can install such a security system on virtually any modern car, and many models already have it in the factory configuration.

What is an immobilizer

Features and immobilizer operation principle

The principle of operation of these devices is the fact that when you try to start the engine, at the key rotation time, information about the presence of the RFID tag is read. Accordingly, if a tag is detected, the system allows the engine to start, if not, it blocks the fuel system.

There are two types of immobilizers: regular and additional. The first ones differ in that in in this case, in the quality of the RFID tag is the native ignition key. In additionally installed immobilizers, the role of the RFID tag is performed by a separate small key fob. For them, the scanning scheme does not work only if the key is in the ignition, but and when removing/arming the machine.

That is, installing an additional non-standard immobilizer allows you to protect the car from theft, when an attacker has a key, a duplicate of it and even if there is a key fob from the alarm. Therefore, it is better to keep the label with you always, but not with keys or with a key fob from the alarm and, of course, not leave it in the car. In in this case, even if the attacker forcibly gets rid of the driver and the owner leaves the car with the RFID tag in pocket, the car will not go far because the system will not detect the RFID tag and will block the engine.

To use the immobilizer as convenient as possible, it is recommended to purchase an additional accessory in the form of a cover for the tag. This holder is easy to attach to clothes or things that are always with you.

What is an immobilizer

Immobilizers work on the standard radio frequency of 2.4 GHz, while more advanced models use an additional dialog signal transmission system, which is well protected from hacking. Additionally installed immobilizers can transmit data not only via standard radio technology, but not via Bluetooth wireless module. This option is considered more reliable. In addition, Bluetooth allows you to use your smartphone in as a tag and configure the security system individually through a mobile application.

Features of regular immobilizers

The advantage of a standard immobilizer is considered to be the operation of the device with the on-board computer of the car, and therefore, blocking is performed without using an additional relay. A standard immobilizer is characterized by minimal power consumption, which is certainly not you can say about most of the additional ones. For the most part, auxiliary immobilizers block the system through an additional wired or wireless relay, but there are advanced models that connect to the on-board computer via the CAN module and the interference with the standard electrical wiring is minimal. However, this option will not be possible for older car models.

What you need to know about installing an immobilizer?

The immobilizer is easy to install practically on all cars, nevertheless however, the device settings should be entrusted to a skilled auto electrician, since it is necessary to connect to the on-board computer via the car’s network. Standard equipment is: a central unit, a set of wires and RFID tags. An additional relay is also necessary if the immobilizer does not have the ability to use the CAN bus. This security device is installed covertly and visually detect its hijacker will not be able to.

What is an immobilizer

What to look for when choosing?

Many car owners choose this method to protect their property because, on today, immobilizers are one of the leaders on the electronic anti-theft market. But it is very important to choose a suitable immobilizer. When choosing a security module, you should familiarize yourself with the type of radio signal used and the full functionality of the device.

Today's market offers a wide selection, from the simplest ending with such a device that will provide protection along with the alarm. Among the most popular and useful features are the following:

  • work through the mobile application and notification of the triggering of security;
  • the presence of a GPS module that allows you to determine geolocation;
  • the ability to quickly and simply connect via the CAN bus;
  • presence of sensorstilt, bump and move.

In the case when you select a model with the maximum number of functions, it is more likely that your immobilizer will be equipped with the especially convenient “Hands Free” function, which allows you to remove arm protection when the driver approaches or moves away from the car. Of course, this function does not exclude the ability to control the immobilizer in manual mode.

You can choose the functionality according to your wishes, requirements and financial capabilities. The more features a device has, the more expensive it will cost. You can buy an immobilizers in Kiev, Kharkov or Odessa in online store

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