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Шумоізоляція ACOUSTICS SOFT VAR 10 (80 см x 50 см)

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МаркаSOFT VAR 10
Типматеріал для шумоізоляції
Довжина800 мм
Ширина500 мм
Висота10 мм
Застосуванняпол, моторний щит, багажне відділення, фільонки дверей, дах, підкапотний простір
Поглинання шуміввисоке
ПриміткаМатеріал: спінений каучук
Ціна залист
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Офіційний ділер

Опис шумоізоляції ACOUSTICS SOFT VAR 10 (80 см x 50 см)

Noise insulation ACOUSTICS SOFT VAR 6 is a reliable and highly effective sound and heat insulation material on a self-adhesive basis. It is made on the basis of foamed rubber and has a number of advantages. Firstly, it has excellent damping properties, which reduces vibration and noise in the car. Secondly, it is quite plastic, which makes it easy to use and lay on various surfaces.

It is especially important to note that this product is resistant to oil or other automotive fluids. In addition, the material is not combustible and does not emit toxic substances when heated to 120°C. This allows you to use it on any surface of the car body, including the engine compartment.

Material thickness

Sheet thickness

A sheet of this soundproofing material has a thickness of 6 mm and a size of 80 cm. Installation is convenient and simple, flexible, easily takes any shape.

Adhesive layer

Adhesive layer

A special adhesive layer is applied on one side, with the help of which the material is easily applied even on uneven surfaces. Shows a high adhesion rate. Sheets are quickly glued and do not lag behind during operation.

Operating temperatures

Operating temperatures

The temperature regime of operation allows the use of this noise-absorbing material at temperatures from -40 to +120 degrees.

Heat required

Need for heating

This material does not require heating during installation! It is very convenient and facilitates the gluing process.



Used for soundproofing and thermal insulation of the passenger compartment in the following areas: engine shield, floor, roof, luggage compartment, engine compartment, door panels.

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