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Technical multi-purpose spray WD-40 200 ml

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WD-40 200 ml — buy technical multi-purpose spray
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Technical multi-purpose spray WD-40 200 ml
Brand: WD-40
Trade name: 200 ml
Type: technical multi-purpose spray
Size: 0,2 L
Price per: pcs
Brutto, package size: 0,23 kg, 60 / 60 / 165 mm

You can buy technical multi-purpose spray WD-40 200 ml in Kyiv and other cities, delivery by ground and postal services (Ukraine only).

Specifications and description technical multi-purpose spray WD-40 200 ml

WD-40 — for thousands of uses at work and at home!

Stops squeak: penetrates the veil, wheels, springs, taps, handles, windows, pedals and office chairs and lubricates them.

Displacing moisture: displaces water from metal surfaces, such as electrical contacts with inflammatory car devices, the tools (including from the gardening equipment), motorcycle engines and outboard motors.

Cleans and protects: dissolves made colored pencil marks, grease, tar, gum, glue. Scale crash. Leaves a film that protects against rust and corrosion bicycles, baby carriages, chrome parts, motorcycles, outboard motors and tools.

Weaken the rusty parts: a deep penetrating, weakens the nuts, bolts, control devices, cables and other fastening or connecting parts that are rusty skoroduvaly and devoured.

Releases the mechanisms that jammed: frees and lubricates door locks, zippers, sewing machine, typewriter keys, device management, leverage machines and cables.

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