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Car alarm Sheriff ZX-940 CAN

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Delivery in Kyiv

Courier — 60 UAH or free
Self-pickup — free

Delivery in Ukraine

According to the tariffs of the carrier or free

Exchange and return / Warranty

Return or exchange of goods within 14 days of purchase.
Product Warranty: 12 months

On time sending

We return 10%* of the order amount if we sent the order late.


Brand: Sheriff
Trade name: ZX-940 CAN
Type: car alarm
Direction: two-way system
Remote range up to: 900 m
Receiver range up to: 2000 m
CAN module: +
LED / LCD remote: LCD
Encoding algorithm: CFM II code
Sensor(s) as a set: shock sensor
Tamper resistance: average
Warranty / Service: 12 months
Price per: pcs

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Description car alarm Sheriff ZX-940 CAN

The Sheriff ZX-940 car alarm system is a reliable two-way communication system with dynamic coding for CFMII and CAN module. It is equipped with an interactive LCD key fob, has 5 service channels, and can provide effective protection against theft and vehicle capture. There are Valet mode, Anti-Hi-Jack and many other useful features. The signal transmission distance from the keyfob to the control unit in the machine is up to 900 meters, and in the reverse side is up to 2 kilometers.

Installing such an alarm is an excellent choice. It is simple and reliable, affordable and while it has quite a broad functionality. We it has all the necessary features for quality protection of any vehicle. When attempting to hijack, a security complex here will notify the owner of this.

Security Features

Security Capabilities

The Sheriff system is multifunctional and has a significant set of security features and modes. Among the main ones there are:

- Instantly turn on the alarm if a sudden power outage occurs or power is turned on.

- On/Off. security mode can be carried out separately.

- The presence of a personalized, individually adjustable code with which you can turn off the alarm or control its individual functions.

- A distraction protection feature that allows you to control the passive activation of the system over.

- Passive Immobilizer.

is an AV function that allows you to disable the protection system in 2 stages, and also disable using the special card LDT-920 (S)-optionally, the card should be purchased separately.

- Turbo timer.

- The “Any Stop” function provides active protection when the engine is running.

- Activating protection in any time manually with the “Valet” button, you can activate protection even if there is no ignition key.

- Panic mode, controlled from the key fob.

- Comprehensive protection of all major areas of the vehicle: hood, perimeter, trunk, for this purpose, a whole system of sensors is provided.

- The “Call” button, with which you can urgently call the driver while you are inside the car’s cabin.

Multiple lock options

There is an external input for emergency activation of locks. There are also 2 chains of additional interlocks (installation of a relay is required). The system can provide control of the R350 blocking relay (optionally, the bundle is not provided).

Multiple lock options

Protection against forceful hijacking using the Anti-Hi-Jack system

This car alarm has a remote anti-theft anti-theft protection system by pressing a button on the key fob. This mode makes it possible to activate motor blocking when attempting to grab a vehicle.

For additional protection of the machine, you can install a special anti-burglary security card LDT920 (S), which is purchased separately. It provides additional active protection of the machine against capture and theft, works in three modes.

Convenient and easy operation

Convenient and easy operation

This car alarm is a simple system of work and installation. Control is carried out using a small keychain. He can both send commands and receive a signal from the security system unit. In particulars, you can easily and quickly adjust many functions and customize them work.

- You can silently activate and disconnect.

- The time for activating the alarm mode is strictly limited.

- Adjustable delay for locking car doors when protection mode is activated: 5/35/60 sec.

- Memory triggers and different system states.

- Provides an optional feature that minimizes possible false positives.

- Ability to bypass the trouble zone.

- Using the control key fob, you can control the ignition on.

Support for central lock control

Central lock management support

The system is very simple and reliable, and it provides for a universal power exit that controls door locks. In addition, an automatic door lock is available when the engine is started, when the "Stop" pedal is pressed, when there is a signal from external sensors.

In addition, the security complex allows for consistent opening of the car’s doors, which contributes to the safety of passengers.

The system works with different sensors

The system works with different sensors

Signaling Sheriff supports the installation of various external sensors, and for this purpose there are 2 connectors for connecting two-level sensors (movement, impact, and volume). In the case of sensor triggering, an alarm signal gives a corresponding signal to the car owner. The alert occurs almost instantly. It is possible to temporarily disable shock sensors when the machine is armed, and also adjust the sensor activation delay time when the system is turned on for 5-180 seconds.

It is also possible to install the TMS-207 motion sensor (purchased separately), which allows you to automatically lock the doors, activate passive engine blocking, and control Anti-Hi-Jack.

Service functions

Service Functions

Signaling will not only provide protection for the car, but and will help make vehicle operation very convenient  any time of year and in any conditions. For this, the ability to control and implement a wide variety of service functions is provided including:

- Remote monitoring of the current technical condition of the system and checking the parameters of the onboard temperature and voltage in the vehicle network.

- The ability to remotely search for a car in a parking lot.

- The ability to control external trigger devices is pulsed.

You can choose the type of light indication flashing or constant light.

- Set up the delay time for activating channels and service pulses for different channels.

- The presence of 3 modes that control the operation of the light indication system.

- Manage the built-in Comfort module, which is designed to ensure that the doors are locked, windows are raised and the hatch is closed. At the same time, you can adjust the duration of the signal according to individual needs -10/15/30 sec.

Additional Functions

The security system Sheriff ZX-940 also has a a number of other functions that facilitate the installation and integration of the complex, and also simplify working with it:

- The kit provides a CAN module and necessary wires for quickly connecting the system connector to the connector.

- 2 remote and 3 custom channels that control all major service devices installed in the machine.

- “Save” mode.

- Built-in relay for easy control of parking lights.

- Alarm.

- Monitoring the operating parameters of the turbo timer at a distance using a two-way key fob.


- The central module of the system.

- Double-sided remote control with LCD display.

- Optional remote control key.

- Antenna module with LED indicator.

- Two-zone shock sensor.

- Temperature sensor.

- Valet Service Button.

- The hood button (trunk).

- A set of wires for connecting to the onboard network.

- Instruction.

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