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Car speaker Hertz MLK3

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Hertz MLK3 — car speaker
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Brand: Hertz
Trade name: MLK3
Pattern: round
Type: car speaker
Type acoustic: component
Main speaker dimensions: 165 mm
Number of bands: three-ways
Rated power (4 Ohm): 175 W
Maximum power: 350 W
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Sensitivity: 93 dB
Frequency range from: 40 Hz
Frequency range up to: 25000 Hz
Note: Product is out of stock
Manufacturer: Italy
Warranty / Service: 12 months
Price per: set

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Manual for car speaker Hertz MLK3

Manual for car speaker Hertz MLK3English manual — free download

Specifications and description car speaker Hertz MLK3

The most beautiful element of Mille systems is the sound. The system's main characteristic is clearly perceptible, superior tonal accuracy. This stunning range recreates the tri-dimensional quality of musical instruments and makes the listener feel as if they are taking part in a musical event.

Colourless sound, controlled, full, solid bass impact and exceptional dynamic response makes for an involving audio experience. The tweeters offer variable chamber size for increased flexibility and performance. Off-axis response is perfectly even, making for detailed, clear, definite sound image for the passenger and not just the driver. Mille Systems feature a unique analogue time alignment facility.

When having everything is not enough, the choice of a three way system gets obvious, necessary. MLK 3 is not a simple evolution of a two way system, rather a complete system created to satisfy the most demanding users. The woofer is quick and clean whenever power is needed; it ensures accurate, full, solid mid-basses conveying, thus, the instruments stresses. The use of a ribbon midrange, ML 500R, and of ML 280 tweeter allows the system transparency and naturalness when reproducing male and female voices: their details and tones get lively in the sound stage center. The piano, which is extremely accurate thanks to its linearity, sounds sweet, even, natural, and the filter leads the components the way a conductor gives parts and scores to his best players. Installing a three way system involves very important considerations when designing it; yet, all efforts are rewarded by MLK 3 superb acoustic performance.


  • » 3-way Component System
  • » 165mm Woofer
  • » 117mm X 15mm Ribbon driver
  • » 28mm Tweeter (adjustable chamber)
  • » 3-way Passive Crossover (900Hz @ 12/12dB per octave, 4.55Khz @ 6/12dB per octave)
  • » Maximum 300 Watts

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